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You must set up SIP with a proxy for your network. IP phones are in the network. The Registrar and proxy are installed on host To allow handover enforcement for outbound calls from SIP-net to network Net_B on the Internet, you have defined the following objects:

Network object: SIP-net: SIP-gateway:

VoIP Domain object: VolP_domain_A 1 .EnD. point domain: SIP-net 2.VoIP gateway installed at: SIP-gateway host object

How would you configure the rule?


A. SIP-Gateway/Net_B/sip/accept

B. VolP_Gateway_MJet_B/sip/accept

C. SIP-Gateway/Net_B/sip_any/accept

D. VolP_domain_A/Net_B/sip_any, and sip/accept

E. VolP_domain A/Net_B/sip_any/accept


Answer: E




Which of the following commands shows full synchronization status?


A. cphaproB. i list

B. cphastop

C. fw ctl pstat

D. cphaproB. a if

E. fwhastat


Answer: A




How do you control the maximum mail messages in a spool directory?


A. In the Security Server window in Global Properties

B. In SmartDefense SMTP settings

C. In the smtp.conf file on the SmartCenter Server

D. In the gateway object’s SMTP settings in the Advanced window

E. In the SMTP resource object


Answer: D




Your company has two headquarters, one in London, one in New York. Each headquarters includes several branch offices. The branch offices ONLY need to communicate with the headquarters in their country, not with each other, and only the headquarters need to communicate directly. Which configuration meets the criteria? VPN Communities comprised of:


A. three mesh Communities: one forLondon headquarters and its branches, one for New York headquarters and its branches, and one for London and New York headquarters.

B. three star Communities: first betweenNew York headquarters and its branches, the second between London headquarters and its branches, the third between New York and London headquarters.

C. twomesh and one star Community; each mesh Community is set up for each site, with mesh Communities between their branches. The star Community has New York as the headquarters and London as its satellite.

D. twomesh Communities for each headquarters and their branch offices; and one star Community, in which London is the center of the Community and New York is the satellite.


Answer: B




Greg is creating rules and objects to control VoIP traffic in his organization, through a VPN-1 NGX Security Gateway. Greg creates VoIP Domain SIP objects to represent each of his organization’s three SIP gateways. Greg then creates a simple group to contain the VoIP Domain SIP objects. When Greg attempts to add the VoIP Domain SIP objects to the group, they are not listed. What is the problem?


A. The relatedenD. points domain specifies an address range.

B. VoIP Domain SIP objects cannot be placed in simple groups.

C. The installed VoIP gateways specify host objects.

D. The VoIP gateway object must be added to the group, before the VoIP Domain SIP object is eligible to be added to the group.

E. The VoIP Domain SIP object’s name contains restricted characters.


Answer: B




You plan to install a VPN-1 Pro Gateway for VPN-1 NGX at your company’s headquarters. You have a single Sun SPARC Solaris 9 machine for VPN-1 Pro enterprise implementation. You need this machine to inspect traffic and keep configuration files. Which Check Point software package do you install?


A. VPN-1 Pro Gateway and primarySmartCenter Server

B. Policy Server and primary SmartCenter Server

C. ClusterXL and SmartCenter Server

D. VPN-1 Pro Gateway

E. SmartCenter Server


Answer: A




The following is cphaprob state command output from a New Mode High Availability cluster

memberWhich machine has the highest priority?


A., since its number is 2

B., because its number is 1

C. This output does not indicate which machine has the highest priority.

D., because its state is active


Answer: B




You are preparing to configure your VoIP Domain Gatekeeper object. Which two other objects should you have created first?

A. An object toB. An object to represent the PSTN phone network, AND an object to represent the IP phone network

C. An object to represent the IP phone network, AND an object to represent the host on which the gatekeeper is installed

D. An object to represent the Q.931 service origination host, AND an object to represent the H.245 termination host

E. An object to represent the call manager, AND an object to represent the host on which the transmission router is installed


Answer: C




How would you configure a rule in a Security Policy to allow SIP traffic from end point Net_Ato end point Net_B, through an NGX Security Gateway?


A. Net_A/Net_EWolP_any/accept

B. Net_A/Net_B/sip and sip_any/accept

C. Net_A/Net_EWolP/accept

D. Net_A/Net_B/sip_any/accept


Answer: D




You want VPN traffic to match packets from internal interfaces. You also want the traffic to exit the Security Gateway, bound for all sitE. to-site VPN Communities, including Remote Access Communities. How should you configure the VPN match rule?


A. internal_clear > AII_GwToGw

B. Communities > Communities

C. lnternal_clear > External_Clear

D. lnternal_clear > Communities

E. internal clear>All communities


Answer: E


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