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How can you prevent delay-sensitive applications, such as video and voice traffic, from being dropped due to long queues when using a Check Point QoS solution?


A. Low latency class

B. DiffServrule

C. guaranteed per connection

D. Weighted Fair Queuing

E. guaranteed per VoIP rule


Answer: A




To change an existing ClusterXL cluster object from Multicast to Unicast mode, what configuration change must be made?


A. Change the cluster mode toUnicast on the cluster object Reinstall the Security Policy.

B. Reset Secure Internal Communications (SIC) on the cluster-member objects. Reinstall the Security Policy.

C. Run cpstop and cpstart, to rE. enable High Availability on both objects. Select Pivot mode in cpconfig.

D. Change the cluster mode to Unicast on the cluster-member object.

E. Switch the internal network’s default Security Gateway to the pivot machine’s IP address.


Answer: A




State Synchronization is enabled on both members in a cluster, and the Security Policy is successfully installed. No protocols or services have been unselected for “selective sync”. The following is the fw taB. t connections -s output from both members: Is State Synchronization working properly between the two members?


A. Members A and B are synchronized, because ID for both members is identical in the connections table.

B. The connections-table output is incomplete. You must run thecphaprob state command, to determine if members A and B are synchronized.

C. Members A and B are not synchronized, because #PEAKfor both members is not close in the connections table.

D. Members A and B are synchronized, because #SLINKS are identical in the connections table.

E. Members A and B are not synchronized, because #VALS in the connections table are not close.


Answer: E



From the following output of cphaprob state, which ClusterXL mode is this?


A. Load Balancing Mode

B. Multicast mode

C. Unicastmode

D. New mode

E. Legacy mode


Answer: C




You configure a Check Point QoS Rule Base with two rules: an H.323 rule with a weight of 10, and the Default Rule with a weight of 10. The H.323 rule includes a per-connection guarantee of 384 Kbps, and a per-connection limit of 512 Kbps. The per-connection guarantee is for four connections, and no additional connections are allowed in the Action properties. If traffic passing through the QoS Module matches both rules, which of the following statements is true?


A. Neither rule will be allocated more than 10% of available bandwidth.

B. The H.323 rule will consume no more than 2048 Kbps of available bandwidth.

C. 50% of available bandwidth will be allocated to the H.323 rule.

D. 50% of available bandwidth will be allocated to the Default Rule.

E. Each H.323 connection will receive at least 512 Kbps of bandwidth.


Answer: B




You plan to migrate a VPN-1 NG with Application Intelligence (Al) R55 SmartCenter Server to VPN-1 NGX. You also plan to upgrade four VPN-1 Pro Gateways at remote offices, and one local VPN-1 Pro Gateway at your company’s headquarters. The SmartCenter Server configuration must be migrated. What is the correct procedure to migrate the configuration?


A. Upgrade theSmartCenter Server and the five remote Gateways via SmartUpdate, at the same time.

B. 1.Copy the $FWDIRconf directory from the SmartCenter Server.

2. Save directory contents to another directory.

3. Uninstall the SmartCenter Server, and install a new SmartCenter Server.

4. Move directory contents to $FWDIRconf.

5. Reinstall all gateways using NGX and install a policy.

C. 1. From the VPN-1 NGX CD in the SmartCenter Server, select “advance upgrade”.

2. After importing the SmartCenter configuration into the new NGX SmartCenter, reboot.

3. Upgrade all licenses and software on all five remote Gateways via SmartUpdate.

D. 1. Upgrade the five remote Gateways via SmartUpdate.

2. Upgrade the SmartCenter Server, using the VPN-1 NGX CD.

E. 1. Upgrade theSmartCenter Server, using the VPN-1 NGX CD.

2. Reinstall and update the licenses of the five remote Gateways.


Answer: C




Which Security Server can perform content-security tasks, but CANNOT perform authentication tasks?




C. Telnet


E. rlogin


Answer: B




You are configuring the VoIP Domain object for an H.323 environment, protected by VPN-1 NGX. Which VoIP Domain object type can you use?


A. Transmission Router

B. Gatekeeper

C. Call Manager

D. Proxy

E. Call Agent


Answer: B




Your network traffic requires preferential treatment by other routers on the network, in addition to the QoS Module, which Check Point QoS feature should you use?


A. Guarantees

B. Limits

C. Differentiated Services

D. Weighted Fair Queuing

E. Low Latency Queuing


Answer: C




When upgrading to NGX R65, which Check Point products do not require a license upgrade to be current?


A. VPN-1 NGX (R64) and later

B. VPN-1 NGX (R60) and later

C. VPN-1 NG with Application Intelligence (R54) and later

D. None, all versions require a license upgrade


Answer: B



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