Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 81-90

Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 81-90


As a Security Administrator, you must refresh the Client Authentication authorization time-out every time a new user connection is authorized. How do you do this? Enable the:

A.”Refreshable Timeout” setting, in the gateway object’s Authentication screen.
B.”Refreshable Timeout”, in the user object’s Authentication screen.
C.”Refreshable Timeout” setting, in the Limit tab of the Client Authentication Action properties screen.
D.”Refreshable timeout”, in the Global Properties Authentication screen.

Answer: C


You are configuring the VoIP Domain object for an SCCP environment protected by VPN-1 NGX R65. Which VoIP Domain object type can you use?

A. Gatekeeper
B. Proxy
C. CallManager
D. Transmission Router

Answer: C


Which specific VPN-1 NGX R65 GUI would you use to add an address translation rule?

A. SmartView Monitor
B. SmartDashboard
C. SmartNAT
D. SmartConsole

Answer: B


Which of the following are authentication methods that VPN-1 NGX uses to validate connection attempts? Select the response below that includes the most complete list of valid authentication methods

A. User, Client, Session
B. Connection, User, Client
C. Connection,Proxied, Session
D. Proxied, User, Dynamic, Session

Answer: A


The customer has a small Check Point installation which includes one Linux Enterprise 3.0 server working as SmartConsole and a second server running Windows 2003 working as both SmartCenter server and the Security Gateway. This is an example of:

A. Stand-Alone Installation
B. Unsupported configuration
C. Distributed Installation
D. Hybrid Installation

Answer: B


When you add a resource object to a rule, which ONE of the following occurs?

A. All packets matching that rule are either encrypted or decrypted by the defined resource
B. Users attempting to connect to the Destination of the rule will be required to authenticate
C. All packets matching the resource service are analyzed through an application-layer proxy
D. All packets that match the resource will be dropped

Answer: C


Which antivirus scanning method does not work if the Gateway is connected as a node in proxy mode?

A. Scan by IP Address
B. Scan by Server
C. Scan by File Type
D. Scan by Direction

Answer: D


Which of the following statements about Bridge mode are TRUE?

A.Assuming a new installation, bridge mode requires changing the existing IP routing of the network.
B.A bridge must be configured with a pair of interfaces.
C.When managing a Security Gateway in Bridge mode, it is possible to use a bridge interface for Network Address Translation.
D.AllClusterXL modes are supported.

Answer: B


Where do you enable popup alerts for SmartDefense settings that have detected suspicious activity?

A. InSmartDashboard, edit the Gateway object, select SmartDefense > Alerts
B. InSmartView Monitor, select Tools > Alerts
C. InSmartView Tracker, select Tools > Custom Commands
D. InSmartDashboard, select Global Properties > Log and Alert > Alert Commands

Answer: B


Where can an administrator configure the notification action in the event of a policy install time change?

A. SmartDashboard: Security Gateway Object: Advanced Properties Tab
B. SmartDashboard: Policy Package Manager
C. SmartView Monitor: Global Thresholds
D. SmartView Tracker: Audit Log

Answer: C

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