Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 131-140

Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 131-140


When you hide a rule in a Rule Base, how can you then disable the rule?

A.Hidden rules are already effectively disabled from Security Gateway enforcement.
B.Right-click on the Hidden rule place-holder bar in the Rule Base and select “Disable Rule(s)”.
C.Right-click on the Hidden rule place-holder bar in the Rule Base and uncheck “hide”, then right-click and select “Disable Rule(s)”, re-hide the rule.
D.Use the search utility in theSmartDashboard to view all hidden rules. Select the relevant rule and select “Disable Rule (s)”.

Answer: C


You enable Sweep Scan Protection and Host port scan in SmartDefense to determine if a large amount of traffic from a specific internal IP address is a network attack, or a user’s system infected with a worm. Will you get all the information you need from these actions?

A.No. To verify if this is a worm or an active attack, you must also enable TCP attack defenses.
B.No. TheseSmartDefense protections will only block the traffic, but it will not provide a detailed analysis of the traffic.
C.No. The logs and alert can provide a further level information, but determining whether the attack is intentional or a worm requires further research.
D.Yes.SmartDefense will limit the traffic impact from the scans, and identify if the pattern of the traffic matches any known worms.

Answer: C


Which of the following commands can provide the most complete restore of an NGX R65 configuration?

A. upgrade_import
B. cpconfig
C. cpinfo -i
D. fwm dbimport

Answer: A


You want to implement Static Destination NAT in order to provide external, Internet users access to an internal Web Server that has a reserved (RFC 1918) IP address. You have an unused valid IP address on the network between your Security Gateway and ISP router. You control the router that sits between the external interface of the firewall and the Internet.
What is an alternative configuration if proxy ARP cannot be used on your Security Gateway?

A.Place a static host route on the ISP router from the valid IP address to the firewall’s external address
B.Publish a proxy ARP entry on the ISP router instead of the firewall for the valid IP address
C.Place a static host route on the firewall from the valid IP address to the internal web server
D.Publish a proxy ARP entry on the internal web server instead of the firewall for the valid IP address

Answer: A


Your online bookstore has customers connecting to a variety of Web servers to place or change orders, and check order status. You ran penetration tests through the Security Gateway, to determine if the Web servers were protected from a recent series of cross-site scripting attacks. The penetration testing indicated the Web servers were still vulnerable. You have checked every box in the Web Intelligence tab, and installed the Security Policy. What else might you do to reduce the vulnerability?

A. The penetration software you are using is malfunctioning and is reporting a false-positive.
B. Configure the Security Gateway protecting the Web servers as a Web server.
C. Check the “Products > Web Server” box on the host node objects representing your Web servers.
D. Check the “Web Intelligence” box in theSmartDefense > HTTP Protocol Inspection.

Answer: D


The Check Point Security Gateway’s virtual machine (kernel) exists between which two layers of the OSI model?

A. Network and Data Link layers
B. Session and Network layers
C. Application and Presentation layers
D. Physical and Data Link layers

Answer: A


Which of the following statements accurately describes the upgrade_export command?

A.upgrade_export is used when upgrading the Security Gateway, and allows certain files to be included or excluded before exporting.
B.upgrade_export stores network-configuration data, all settings configured by the WebUI, and the database of user settings prior to upgrading the SmartCenter Server.
C.Used when upgrading the Security Gateway,upgrade_export includes modified files, such as in the /lib directory.
D.Used primarily when upgrading theSmartCenter Server, upgrade_export stores all object databases and the conf directories for importing to a newer version of VPN-1.

Answer: D


What are the results of the command: fw sam [Target IP Address]?

A.Connections from the specified target are blocked without the need to change the Security Policy
B.Connections to the specified target are blocked without the need to change the Security Policy
C.The Security Policy is compiled and installed on the target’s embedded VPN/FireWall Modules
D.Connections to and from the specified target are blocked without the need to change the Security Policy

Answer: D


In a distributed management environment, the administrator has removed the default check from “Accept VPN-1 Power/UTM Control Connections” under the Policy > Global Properties > Firewall tab. In order for the SmartCenter Server to install a policy to the Firewall an explicit rule must be created to allow the SmartCenter Server to communicate to the Security Gateway on port ______

A. 900
B. 259
C. 256
D. 80

Answer: C


When you change an implicit rule’s order from “last” to “first” in Global Properties, how do you make the change take effect?

A. Select save from the file menu.
B. Reinstall the Security Policy.
C. Select install database from the Policy menu.
D. Runfw fetch from the Security Gateway.

Answer: B

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