Latest 156-215.71 Real Exam Download 301-310

Latest 156-215.71 Real Exam Download 301-310


You plan to migrate a Windows NG with Application Intelligence (AI) R55 SmartCenter Server to R71. You also plan to upgrade four VPN-1 Pro Gateways at remote offices, and one local VPN-1 Pro Gateway at your company’s headquarters to R71. The Management Server configuration must be migrated. What is the correct procedure to migrate the configuration?

A. 1. Upgrade the remote gateway via smartUpdate.
2. upgrade the security management server, using the R71 CD
B. 1. From the R71 CD-ROM on the security management server, select Upgrade
Reboot after installation and upgrade all licenses via SmartUpdate
Reinstall all gateways using R 70 and install a policy
C. 1. Copy the $PWDIR conf directory from the security management server
Save directory contents to another file server
Uninstall the security management server, and install anew security management server
Move the saved directory contents to $ PWDIRconf replacing the default installation files
Reinstall all gateways using R71 and install a security policy
D. 1. From the R71 CD- ROM in the security management server, select export
Install R 70 on a new PC using the option installation using imported configuration
Reboot after installation and update all licenses via smartUpdate
Upgrade software on all five remote Gateway via SmartUpdate

Answer: D


You are using SmartUpdate to fetch data and perform a remote upgrade to a R71 Security Gateway. Which of the following statements is FALSE?

A. A remote installation can be performed without the SVN Foundation package installed on a remote NG with Application Intelligence Security Gateway.
B. If SmartDashboard is open during package upload and upgrade, the upgrade will fail.
C. SmartUpdate can query the Security Management Server and Gateway for product information.
D. SmartUpdate can query license information running locally on the Gateway.

Answer: A


What action can be performed from SmartUpdate R71?

A. remote_uninstall_verifier
B. upgrade_export
C. fw stat -l
D. cpinfo

Answer: D


Which tool CANNOT be launched from SmartUpdate R71?

A. snapshot
B. SecurePlatform WebUI
C. cpinfo
D. IP Appliance Voyager

Answer: A


If a Security Gateway enforces three protections, LDAP Injection, Malicious Code Protector, and Header Rejection, which Check Point license is required in SmartUpdate?

A. Data Loss Prevention
B. SmartEvent Intro

Answer: D


Central license management allows a Security Administrator to perform which of the following functions?
1) Check for expired licenses.
2) Sort licenses and view license properties
3) Attach both R71 Central and Local licenses to a remote module
4) Delete both R71 Local licenses and Central licenses from a remote module
5) Add or remove a license to or from the license repository
6) Attach and/or delete only R71 Central licenses to a remote module (not local licenses)

A. 2, 5, & 6
B. 2, 3, 4, & 5
C. 1, 2, 5, & 6
D. 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Answer: D


Sally has a Hot Fix Accumulator (HFA) she wants to install on her Security Gateway which operates with SecurePlatform, but she cannot SCP the HFA to the system. She can SSH into the Security Gateway, but she has never been able to SCP files to it. What would be the most likely reason she cannot do so?

A. She needs to run cpconfig to enable the ability to SCP files.
B. She needs to edit /etc/scpusers and add the Standard Mode account.
C. She needs to run sysconfig and restart the SSH process.
D. She needs to edit /etc/SSHd/SSHd_config and add the Standard Mode account.

Answer: B


Which command gives an overview of your installed licenses?

A. cplic print
B. showlic
C. cplicense
D. lic print

Answer: A


Where are SmartEvent licenses installed?

A. Security Gateway
B. SmartEvent server
C. Security Management Server
D. Log Server

Answer: B


You currently do not have a Check Point software subscription for one of your products. What will happen if you attempt to upgrade the license for this product?

A. The license will be upgraded with a warning
B. It is deleted
C. It is upgraded with new available features, but cannot be activated
D. The license is not upgraded

Answer: D

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