Latest 156-215.71 Real Exam Download 261-270

Latest 156-215.71 Real Exam Download 261-270


Which R71 SmartConsole tool would you use to verify the installed Security Policy name on a Security Gateway?

A. SmartUpdate
B. SmartView Server
C. SmartView Tracker
D. None, SmartConsole applications only communicate with the Security Management Server.

Answer: C


You have detected a possible intruder listed in SmartView Tracker’s active pane. What is the fastest method to block this intruder from accessing your network indefinitely?

A. In SmartDashbourd, select IPS / Network Security Denial of Service
B. In SmartView Tracker, select Tools / Block Intruder
C. In SmartView Monitor, select Tool / Suspicious Activity Rules.
D. Modify the Rule Base to drop these connections from the network.

Answer: B


Where can an administrator specify the notification action to be taken by the firewall in the event that available disk space drops below 15%?

A. Real Time Monitor / Gateway Settings / Status Monitor
B. SmartView Tracker / Audit Tab / Gateway Counters
C. This can only be monitored by a user-defined script.
D. SmartView Monitor / Gateway Status / Threshold Settings

Answer: D


Where can an administrator configure the notification action in the event of a policy install time change?

A. SmartView Tracker / Audit Log
B. SmartView Monitor / Gateways / Thresholds Settings
C. SmartDashboard / Security Gateway Object / Advanced Properties Tab
D. SmartDashboard / Policy Package Manager

Answer: B


Where are custom queries stored in R71 SmartView Tracker?

A. On the Security Management Server tied to the Administrator User Database login name.
B. On the SmartView Tracker PC local file system under the user’s profile.
C. On the Security Management Server tied to the GUI client IP.
D. On the SmartView Tracker PC local file system shared by all users of that local PC.

Answer: A


How do you view a Security Administrator’s activities with SmartConsole?

A. SmartView Tracker in the Management tab
B. SmartView Tracker in the Network and Endpoint tabs
C. SmartView Monitor using the Administrator Activity filter
D. Eventia Suite

Answer: A


Which SmartView Tracker selection would most effectively show who installed a Security Policy blocking all traffic from the corporate network?

A. Custom filter
B. Network and Endpoint tab
C. Management Tab
D. Active tab

Answer: C


You are reviewing the Security Administrator activity for a bank and comparing it to the change log. How do you view Security Administrator activity?

A. SmartView Tracker cannot display Security Administrator activity: instead, view the system logs on the Security Management Server’s Operating System
B. SmartView Tracker in Management Mode
C. SmartView Tracker in Active Mode
D. SmartView Tracker in Network and Endpoint Mode

Answer: B


Which of the following R71 SmartView Tracker views will display a popup warning about performance implications on the Security Gateway?

A. Active Tab
B. Audit Tab
C. Account Query
D. All Records Query

Answer: A


While in Smart View Tracker, Brady has noticed some very odd network traffic that he thinks could be an intrusion. He decides to block the traffic for 60 but cannot remember all the steps. What is the correct order of steps needed to perform this?
1) Select the Active Mode tab In Smart view Tracker
2) Select Tools > Block Intruder
3) Select the Log Viewing tab in SmartView Tracker
4) Set the Blocking Time out value to 60 minutes
5) Highlight the connection he wishes to block

A. 3, 2, 5, 4
B. 3, 5, 2, 4
C. 1, 5, 2, 4
D. 1, 2, 5, 4

Answer: C

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