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Which of the following best describes an external intrusion attempt on a local-area network (LAN)?

A. Internal users try to gain unauthorized access to information assets outside the organizational perimeter.
B. External-intrusion attempts from sources outside the LAN are not granted permissions or rights to an organization’s information assets
C. External users attempt to access public resources.
D. External intruders attempt exploitation of vulnerabilities, to remove their own access. E. Internal users perform inappropriate acts on assets to which they have been given rights or permissions.

Answer: B


_________ intrusion detection involves comparing traffic to known characteristics of malicious traffic, known as attack signatures.

A. Pattern matching
B. Statistical anomaly
C. Behavioral analysis
D. Host
E. Network

Answer: A


If a firewall receives traffic not explicitly permitted by its security policy, what should the firewall do?

A. Nothing
B. Do not log and drop the traffic.
C. Log and drop the traffic.
D. Log and pass the traffic.
E. Do not log and pass the traffic.

Answer: C


Which of the following statements about encryption’s benefits is false? Encryption can: (Choose TWO.)

A. significantly reduce the chance information will be modified by unauthorized entities.
B. only be used to protect data in transit. Encryption provides no protection to stored data.
C. allow private information to be sent over public networks, in relative safety.
D. significantly reduce the chance information will be viewed by unauthorized entities.
E. preventinformation from being destroyed by malicious entities, while in transit.

Answer: B,E


Digital signatures are typically provided by a _______, where a third party verifies a key’s authenticity.

A. Network firewall
B. Security administrator
C. Domain controller
D. Certificate Authority
E. Hash function

Answer: D


Which types of security solutions should a home user deploy? (Choose TWO.)

A. Managed Security Gateway
B. Access control lists on a router
C. Personal firewall
D. Network intrusion-detection system
E. Anti-virus software

Answer: C,E


Which type of access management uses information about job duties and positions, to indicate subjects’ clearance levels?

A. Discretionary
B. Role-based
C. Nondiscretionary
D. Hybrid
E. Mandatory

Answer: B


Which of the following is a cost-effective solution for securely transmitting data between remote offices?

A. Standard e-mail
B. Fax machine
C. Virtual private network
D. Bonded courier
E. Telephone

Answer: C


_________ educate(s) security administrators and end users about organizations’ security policies.

A. Security-awareness training
B. Information Security (INFOSEC) briefings
C. Acceptable-use policies
D. Continuing education
E. Nondisclosure agreements

Answer: A


Which of the following can be stored on a workstation? (Choose TWO.)

A. Payroll information
B. Data objects used by many employees
C. Databases
D. Interoffice memo
E. Customer correspondence

Answer: D,E

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