Installing Cisco MARS 6.0.7 on VMWare (WAY 2)


Cisco have released version 6.0.7,You can read the release notes HERE.

Below shows you the steps required in install Cisco MARS 6.0.7 onto VMware.

Step #1
1. Open Workstation
2. Create New Virtual Machine
3. Select OS as Linux –> Red hat Linux 5
4. Give the Virtual Machine Name
5. Select Memory as 1024MB
6. Network Card as Bridged
7. Issue Next finally give OK

Step#2 (This is Very Important)
1. Edit the Virtual Machine.
2. Remove the Hard disk
3. Add one network Card as Bridged.
4. Add Hard Disk as IDE and Select the size 120GB
5. Select the same Hard Disk (In the Disk Information –> Select Advanced then IDE 0:0
6. Select the CD/DVD(IDE) (In the Advanced Tab –> Select IDE 0:1
7. Add the second Hard Disk as IDE and Select the size 120GB
8. Select the same Hard Disk (In the Disk Information –> Select Advanced then IDE 1:0
9. Finish that.

Step#3 (Modify VM image)
1. Go to the VM installed location
2. Select the VMware virtual machine configuration file.
3. Add
ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"
ethernet1.virtualDev = "e1000"
4. Save it

1. Till now you should not Power ON your Virtual Machine
2. Locate your CS-MARS.iso image to your CD/DVD on your Virtual Machine.
3. Power ON your Virtual Machine.
4. Select Local Controller
5. Installation will be start.
6. If you are not configure properly, It will give Error Message. Then Do the same thing.
7. Once installation Finished. It will Ask to do Reboot. Don’t Do that. Right-Click your Virtual Machine select Power OFF.

1. Select Linux.iso or Cent OS.iso in your CD/DVD Drive
2. Now Boot your Virtual Machine.
3. Immediately Press F2 and select CD Drive as First Boot then save it
4. It will boot from Linux OS
5. Issue "linux rescue" command without ("").
6. Select Language and Keyboard.
7. It will do automatically all the things
8. Finally it will show "chroot /mnt/sysimage".

1. Once you press Ok it will move into shell prompt
2. Issue chroot /mnt/sysimage command
3. Then issue "mkdir /mnt/opt" without ("").
4. "mount /dev/md2 /mnt/opt" without ("").
5. "cd /mnt/opt/janus/release/bin" without ("").
6. "mv pnlicense" without ("").
7. "echo "/bin/echo d84f7ceaf50f9c45683e2efb77752d4f:License verified:4:0:0:4" > pnlicense" without ("").
8. "chmod +x pnlicense" without ("").
9. Exit from shell

1. Remove the Linux or CentOS image
2. Reboot your Virtual Machine
3. Login with pnadmin/pnadmin, change password
4. set IP address (with "ifconfig eth0 x.x.x.x m.m.m.m", x.x.x.x is IP, m.m.m.m is mask, machine reboots).

1. Ping from your Base Machine to CS-MARS Machine (VM) if you get successful continue.
2. If you are not getting successful Disconnect you Virtual Machine Network Interface Card and Connect it.
3. Open your web browser and issue "https://x.x.x.x ", x.x.x.x is IP of the VM.
4. Issue the Login Name and Password.
5. Once you successfully Logged in It will ask the License Key.
6. Here you can enter any Key. It will support Any Key.

1. Totally it(CS_MARS virtual machine image) will be around 18 GB file.
2. Now you can use the Virtual Machine as MARS Appliance

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