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Refer to the exhibit. A technician is testing connection problems in the internetwork. What is the problem indicated by the output from HostA?




A.       The routing on Router2 is not functioning properly.

B.        An access list is applied to an interface of Router3.

C.        The Fa0/24 interface of Switch1 is down.

D.       The gateway address of HostA is incorrect or not configured.


Correct Answer: D




An organization is concerned that too many employees are wasting company time accessing the Internet. Which access list statement would stop World Wide Web access for employees on the range of subnets from to


A.       access-list 103 deny tcp any eq 80

B.        access-list 103 deny tcp any eq 80

C.        access-list 103 deny http any

D.       access-list 103 deny tcp any eq 80

E.        access-list 103 deny tcp any eq 80


Correct Answer: B



What are two drawbacks of implementing a link-state routing protocol? (Choose two.)


A.       the sequencing and acknowledgment of link-state packets

B.        the requirement for a hierarchical IP addressing scheme for optimal functionality

C.        the high volume of link-state advertisements in a converged network

D.       the high demand on router resources to run the link-state routing algorithm

E.        the large size of the topology table listing all advertised routes in the converged network


Correct Answer: BD




Which two statements describe characteristics of IPv6 unicast addressing? (Choose two.)


A.       Global addresses start with 2000::/3.

B.        Link-local addresses start with FE00:/12.

C.        Link-local addresses start with FF00::/10.

D.       There is only one loopback address and it is ::1.

E.        If a global address is assigned to an interface, then that is the only allowable address for the interface.


Correct Answer: AD




Refer to the exhibit. Which subnet mask will place all hosts on Network B in the same subnet with the least amount of wasted addresses?









Correct Answer: B



A switch is configured with all ports assigned to vlan 2 with full duplex FastEthernet to segment existing departmental traffic. What is the effect of adding switch ports to a new VLAN on the switch?


A.       More collision domains will be created.

B.        IP address utilization will be more efficient.

C.        More bandwidth will be required than was needed previously.

D.       An additional broadcast domain will be created.


Correct Answer: D




Workstation A has been assigned an IP address of Workstation B has been assigned an IP address of The two workstations are connected with a straight- through cable. Attempts to ping between the hosts are unsuccessful. What are two things that could be attempted that would allow communications between the hosts?

(Choose two.)


A.       Replace the straight-through cable with a crossover cable.

B.        Change the subnet mask of the hosts to /25.

C.        Change the subnet mask of the hosts to /26.

D.       Change the address of Workstation A to

E.        Change the address of Workstation B to


Correct Answer: AB



















Refer to the exhibit. How many interfaces on R1 should be configured as ip nat inside to grant external access to the entire network?




A.        1

B.        3

C.        4

D.        5


Correct Answer: C



















Refer to the exhibit. Host A pings interface S0/0 on router 3. What is the TTL value for that ping?




A.        252

B.        253

C.        254

D.        255


Correct Answer: B















Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is troubleshooting an Internet connectivity problem on the computer. What is causing the problem?




A.       incorrect subnet mask

B.        incorrect IP address

C.        wrong default gateway

D.       wrong DNS server


Correct Answer: B

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