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IBM Watson V3 Application Development

Question No: 21

In the context of a IBM Watson cognitive virtual agent, what type of input data can the IBM Watson Conversation service consume?

  1. images

  2. speech

  3. string of text

  4. audio

Answer: A

Question No: 22

In a neural network, what is the name of the region marked with a question mark?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. Hidden Layer

  2. Computational Layer

  3. Cognitive Layer

  4. Intelligence Layer

Answer: A

Question No: 23

What is an approach for integrating a database into an IBM Watson solution?

  1. Use the Discovery service to search through candidate queries and surface the ones most relevant to the user input.

  2. Use the Document Conversion service to search the database for the entries with the strongest relationship to the user input.

  3. Use the intent from the Natural Language Classifier as part of a query.

  4. Use the concepts from Natural Language Understanding to search the database for the most relevant documents.

Answer: D

Question No: 24

Which IBM Watson service would enable retailers to help their customers choose the appropriate product by balancing multiple product features?

  1. Natural Language Understanding

  2. Personality Insights

  3. Tradeoff analytics

  4. Discovery

Answer: B

Question No: 25

Built into the IBM Watson Discovery service is the Watson Discovery News data set. How is this collection different from other collections?

  1. The Watson Discovery News collection is specific to the company news domain, whereas a collection is specific to a domain.

  2. Documents from the Watson Discovery News collection can be ingested as sample documents to better configure a private collection.

  3. The Watson Discovery News configuration and documents cannot be adjusted.

  4. The Watson Discovery News data set and a private collection can be queried with a single query call.

Answer: B

Question No: 26

Which type of learning do regression, support vector machines, and Bayesian classifiers typically fall under?

  1. cognitive learning

  2. supervised learning

  3. unsupervised learning

  4. reinforcement learning

Answer: B

Question No: 27

When creating a new IBM Watson Visual Recognition classifier, what is the recommended minimum number of images that needs to be provided (for both the positive and negative example sets) in order to obtain the best results?

A. 15-30

B. 1000-2000

C. 500-1000

D. 150-200

Answer: A Explanation:

Reference http://www.aei.tuke.sk/papers/2018/1/08_Bundzel

Question No: 28

What is the name of the JSON object that can be used to store data across multiple interactions with an IBM Watson Conversation dialog flow?

  1. output

  2. context

  3. node

  4. module

Answer: B

Question No: 29

Which two statements accurately describe file size management for IBM Watson Discovery service? (Choose two.)

  1. Sample documents must be uploaded to a separate collection other than actual content.

  2. There is a limit of no more than 5 documents sample documents.

  3. Sample documents must be deleted before uploading documents to a collection.

  4. The maximum file size for a sample document is 5MB.

  5. The maximum file size for documents in a collection is 50MB.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 30

Which IBM Watson service is applicable to analyze data insights for Instagram images?

  1. Discovery

  2. Visual Recognition

  3. Conversation

  4. Natural Language Understanding

Answer: B

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