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IBM Hosted SaaS – Entry Sales Mastery v1

Question No: 1

How does IBM increase security of SaaS solutions for customers?\

  1. IBM does not use client data, except to deliver the services and support requested by the client.

  2. IBM SaaS offerings take advantage of the SoftLayer Security La yen庐 architecture to provide multiple tiers of protection for applications and data.

  3. Many services are certified against industry standards and best Practices.

  4. All the above

Answer: B


http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/data/library/techarticle/dm- 1408datasecuritycloud/index.html

Question No: 2

What is considered Software as a Service customer advantage?

  1. Accelerates business process innovation

  2. Can deliver business analytics at point of impact

  3. Connects people with collaborative business networks

  4. Fuels competitive advantage

  5. All the above

Answer: B



Question No: 3

What is a key difference between a private cloud and IBM-Hosted SaaS solutions?

  1. Only the private cloud can offer software upgrades and patches.

  2. A private cloud doesn#39;t require the customer to manage server hardware.

  3. IBM-hosted SaaS solutions don#39;t require the customer to manage server hardware.

  4. In a private cloud, the data belongs to the customer and in an IBM SaaS solution, the data belongs to IBM.

Answer: C

Question No: 4

What are the six deployment and governance success factors that help ClOs and business leaders through SaaS?

  1. Stay secure

  2. Ensure privacy

  3. Grow server farms

  4. Scale globally

  5. Integrate systems

  6. Preserve choice

  7. Align organizations

  8. Avoid upgrades

Answer: A,B,D,E,G,H

Question No: 5

Software as a Service applications are often updated more frequently than traditional software. Where are the applications hosted?

  1. on the local computer and are updated using automatic updates

  2. centrally hosted so new releases can be put in place without requiring customers to physically install new software or hardware

  3. on the local computer so new releases can be downloaded when available from the application provider

  4. cloud functions are divided so the end user hosts and updates the user interface and the Application Service Provider hosts and updates the application functionalities

Answer: B



Question No: 6

How can SaaS Hosted solutions save customers money?

  1. User training is no longer required

  2. SaaS eliminates implementation costs

  3. Customers don#39;t need to have server equipment, pay for utilities for server equipment and have personnel to maintain server equipment.

  4. Customers only need to purchase middleware but not hardware

Answer: C

Question No: 7

What customer costs are avoided by using an IBM-Hosted SaaS solution?

  1. Subscription

  2. Implementation

  3. Server Hardware

  4. User training

Answer: C

Question No: 8

Which contribute to an IBM-Hosted SaaS solution creating a more agile and responsive cloud computing infrastructure?

  1. Flexible, predictable subscription pricing

  2. Eliminates the need for training

  3. Server, storage, and network resources are handled for the customer on demand

  4. Continuous delivery of new capabilities and immediate code fixes

Answer: D

Question No: 9

What advantage does customers have with IBM-Hosted SaaS solutions?

  1. There are service management solutions to enable organizations of all sizes and industries to run smarter, more efficiently and with greater agility.

  2. The customer can choose the consumption model that best fits their needs

  3. IBM provides integration with broader service management capabilities, extending the customer#39;s existing on-premise

  4. All the above

Answer: C

Question No: 10

What is a characteristic of Software as a Service?

  1. Software is managed from a central location.

  2. Software is delivered in a one-to-one runtime model.

  3. Users are required to handle software upgrades and patches.

  4. Only one user from an organization can access the software at a time.

Answer: A


http://www.rackspace.com/knowledge_center/whitepaper/understanding-the-cloud- computing-stack-saas-paas-iaas

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