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IBM InfoSphere MDM Server v9.0

Question No: 41 – (Topic 1)

A customer wants to implement a new search transaction (searchbyZipCode) at the controller component level. This is implemented by associating a finder class to this transaction. This finder class contains the business logic to search for all party details that match the zip code supplied in the input request by a direct SQL statement call.

What are two steps necessary to implement this customization?(Choose two.)

  1. Assign a name for this transaction, e.g, searchByZipCode-modify the OOTB request XML to reflect the required structure for input for the search parameter by changing the appropriate search transaction.

  2. Ensure that the MDM extension framework is disabled (enabled=false).

  3. Register the transaction name searchByZipCode?in the CDBUSINESSTXTP table.

  4. Register the new transaction name searchByZipCode?within the tcrm_extension.properties files.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 42 – (Topic 1)

InfoSphere MDM server stores metadata about its data table definition for table name and column name. Which feature relies on this metadata in the CDDWLTABLETP table or the CDDWLCOLUMNTP table?

  1. Rules of Visibility

  2. Business Key Validation

  3. External Validation

  4. Extension Framework

Answer: B

Question No: 43 – (Topic 1)

What is a design component of Data Persistency Entitlements?

  1. Ancestors

  2. Accessors

  3. Activities

  4. Profiles

Answer: B

Question No: 44 – (Topic 1)

The configuration element?IBM/DWLCommonServices/RedundantUpdate/enabled?in the Configuration and Management component is set to 鈥渢rue鈥?

If the business object to be updated contains the same values as the values on the system, which statement is correct?

  1. The values are not updated and a success status is returned.

  2. The values are not updated and a warning message is thrown.

  3. The values are updated on the system.

  4. The values are updated on the system and an error message is thrown.

Answer: C

Question No: 45 – (Topic 1)

As part of a maintenance team for an InfoSphere MDM Server implementation, you are investigating the quot;EndDate must be after StartDatequot; error. This error is generated multiple times when uploading large delta requests containing multiple objects of different types.

Which action would help you to quickly detect the object causing this error?

  1. Check all of the objects in the request message for discrepancy in the dates.

  2. Run the transaction causing the error in debug mode.

  3. Check the error response for component details to identify the correct object type.

  4. Change the log level to a higher level.

Answer: C

Question No: 46 – (Topic 1)

An implementation of InfoSphere MDM Server uses the party relationship subject area, but relationships may not be present for all parties. You want the system to return the relationship record while doing a getParty transaction for a party with one or more relationships. However, you do not want the system to issue unnecessary SQL output to read from the relationship record while doing a getParty transaction for a party with no relationships.

Which existing InfoSphere MDM Server feature can be configured to achieve this objective?

  1. Smart Inquiry

  2. Summary Data Indicators

  3. Entity Subtyping

  4. Service Activity Monitoring Facility

Answer: B

Question No: 47 – (Topic 1)

The request parser factory, parser, response constructor factory, constructor, and request handler are all parts of the Request and Response framework.

What is the request handler?

  1. The request handler is a component that interacts with these components to carry out the request.

  2. The request handler is a transaction that interacts with these components to carry out the request.

  3. The request handler is a parser that interacts with these components to carry out the request.

  4. The request handler is a factory that interacts with these components to carry out the request.

Answer: A

Question No: 48 – (Topic 1)

You are required to store the history of any errors generated for reporting at a later time. Which statement is correct?

  1. History is configured during installation; so this will be implemented.

  2. Write a custom business rule to save error data in the custom history tables.

  3. Enable transactions in the Transaction Audit Information Log(TAIL).

  4. Generate a report on sample error tables.

Answer: C

Question No: 49 – (Topic 1)

If the MandatorySearchDone field of the TCRMPartyBObj is set to 鈥淵鈥?and an A2 suspect is found during an addParty, which two actions occur?(Choose two.)

  1. The source party is returned in the response.

  2. The suspect parties are returned in the response.

  3. The source party is not added to the database.

  4. The source party is added to the database.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 50 – (Topic 1)

The search framework supports the dynamic creation of an SQL statement based on the search business object.

What are three important steps in the creation at a dynamic query? (Choose three.)

  1. Create an ordered collection of CriterionElements, which represent the SQL criteria.

  2. The SELECT column list must depend on (correlate to) the input parameters.

  3. Create an instance of the appropriate search input class by passing in the search business object.

  4. Create an instance of SearchSQL, using the SQL statement, criterion elements, and the search result set processor.

  5. Use the default search result set processor class to handle the list of criteria columns.

Answer: A,C,D

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