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IBM Cognos 10 BI Scorecard Developer

Question No: 51

An administrator wants to add a URL to the Reports tab for a scorecard. ThisURL will reference a PowerPoint presentation. Which of the following would the administrator type in order for the presentation to display correctly?

  1. www.company.com/scorecard.docs/Imetric_sid].ppt

  2. www.company.com/scorecard.docs/[sc_extid].ppt

  3. www.company.com/scorecard.docs/tmetric_extidl.ppt

  4. www.company.com/scorecard.docs/Itype_sid].ppt

Answer: B

Question No: 52

Which of the following can be associated to a custom diagram?

  1. Watch list

  2. Actions

  3. Reports

  4. Scorecards

Answer: D

Question No: 53

Which of the following can an administrator specify for a strategy element?

  1. Scorecards to be included

  2. Default color

  3. Date range

  4. Owner

Answer: D

Question No: 54

What rollup rule was used on this strategy element?

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  1. Majority rules

  2. Bubble up green

  3. No status rollup

  4. Bubble up red

Answer: A

Question No: 55

Which of the following can be added to a strategy element?

  1. Metrics

  2. Scorecards

  3. Diagrams

  4. Actions

Answer: A

Question No: 56

What needs to bedone to create a report from multiple scorecarding packages?

  1. Merge Framework Manager models and publishes as a single model.

  2. Merge the contents of the content and staging namespaces in each scorecarding package.

  3. Create a query or report using multiple scorecarding packages.

  4. Create a query or report off the staging namespace of all scorecarding packages.

Answer: A

Question No: 57

What method of data loading would be used when a data value does not exist in a data asset?

  1. Metric Designer

  2. flat files

  3. SQL scripts

  4. manual entry

Answer: D

Question No: 58

After executing SQL scripts to deliver values into the metric store, at a minimum, what metric maintenance task must be run to populate the metric store?

  1. Import data from filesinto staging area

  2. Import and transfer data from files into metric store

  3. Transfer data from staging area into metric store

  4. Recalculate metric store derived values

Answer: C

Question No: 59

The metric administrator has noticed that previous loadshave failed. What should be done by the metric administrator in order to isolate the issue when the load is next run?

  1. Clear staging area of rejected data logs

  2. Clear metric history and calendar data

  3. Update the search engine index

  4. Recalculate metric store derived values

Answer: A

Question No: 60

A company wants to track gross profit in their scorecard application. Gross profit is determined by subtracting expenses from revenue. What can an administrator create to track gross profit?

  1. Derived index metric

  2. Formula-based calculated metric

  3. Derived index metric type

  4. User-defined column

Answer: B

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