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IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Administration B

Question No: 51 – (Topic 1)

An administrator would like to secure internet passwords in his IBM Domino environment. Which feature can the administrator implement to secure access to internet passwords stored in the Domino Directory?

  1. Use the ACL.

  2. Configure an internet site.

  3. Enforce internet password expiration.

  4. Use the more secure internet password format.

Answer: D

Question No: 52 – (Topic 1)

Which is required in order to use the universal redirect for IBM iNotes users?

  1. Set the TCP/IP port status option to: quot;Redirect to SSLquot;.

  2. Session-based authentication on the IBM Domino Web Server.

  3. Multiple Servers (SSO) authentication on the Domino Web Server.

  4. Enable the quot;Require SSL connectionquot; database property for all mail files.

Answer: B

Question No: 53 – (Topic 1)

Which task is responsible for updating the CA registration authorities in the Certificate document in the IBM Domino Directory?

  1. Monitoring process

  2. Registration process

  3. Administration process

  4. Certificate Authority process

Answer: C

Question No: 54 – (Topic 1)

David#39;s company wants to append a message disclaimer at the bottom of every outgoing e- mail for legal purposes. What must he do to achieve that?

  1. Create an outgoing SMTP Rule applying the message disclaimer text.

  2. Create a Mail Settings policy document, enter the disclaimer text, and apply to all users.

  3. David must instruct all of his users to modify their e-mail signatures to include the disclaimer text.

  4. Enter the disclaimer text into the Router/SMTP section of the server#39;s Configuration document. Then create a Mail Settings policy document

enabling the disclaimer, and apply to all users.

Answer: B

Question No: 55 – (Topic 1)

For legal reasons, the IBM Domino system administrator has been asked to retain a secure copy of all e-mails transferred in and out of the company. What Domino technology would be best suited to fulfill this request?

  1. SMTP rules

  2. Mail journaling

  3. User mail rules applied via a Mail Settings Policy document

  4. This cannot be done without modifications to the mail template using Domino Designer.

Answer: B

Question No: 56 – (Topic 1)

What does an IBM Domino administrator use to configure server key rollover?

  1. server#39;s ID properties dialog

  2. Administration tab of the Server document

  3. Keys and Certificates tab of the Security Settings document

  4. Certify New Key Requests view of the Administration Requests database

Answer: B

Question No: 57 – (Topic 1)

Adrian is an administrator of an IBM Domino server and has setup IBM Notes Smart Upgrade. How can he monitor who has upgraded along with any failures?

  1. by using the event logs in the main server log

  2. by using the Smart Upgrade Event Log application

  3. by using the logs in the Smart Upgrade application

  4. by using the Smart Upgrade Tracking Reports application

Answer: D

Question No: 58 – (Topic 1)

The idpcat.nsf will contain which document(s) with the SAML configuration?

  1. IdP assertion document(s)

  2. SAML assertion document(s)

  3. IdP configuration document(s)

  4. SAML configuration document(s)

Answer: C

Question No: 59 – (Topic 1)

Which is the minimum version of IBM Notes Traveler that supports High Availability ?

A. 8.5.3

B. 8.5.3 UP1

C. 8.5.3 UP2

D. 9.0

Answer: B

Topic 2, Volume B

Question No: 60 – (Topic 2)

Which is true regarding IBM Notes Traveler?

  1. Traveler must be administered from a web browser and can#39;t be administered using the IBM Domino Administration client.

  2. Traveler can be administered from the Domino Administration client only for High Availability (HA) pool configurations.

  3. Traveler can be administered from the Domino Administration client in both standalone server configurations as well as in HA pool


  4. Traveler can be administered from a web browser. Web-based administration is available in both standalone server configurations as well as in

HA pool configurations.

Answer: D

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