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Fundamentals of Applying IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V1

Question No: 71

Which IBM SmartCloud Control Desk offering is appropriate for a customer needing only a Service Desk and simple change management?

  1. Everyplace

  2. Entry Edition

  3. Service Provider

  4. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

Answer: B

Question No: 72

When a bulletin board message has been created and approved, what happens if no audience is specified?

  1. An error is generated.

  2. The message will be visible to all users.

  3. The message will not be visible to any user.

  4. The message will only be visible to the creator.

Answer: B

Question No: 73

What is the only IBM SmartCloud Control Desk edition available to customers using the Software as a Service model from IBM?

  1. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

  2. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Entry Edition

  3. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Service Provider Edition

  4. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Service Request Edition

Answer: A

Question No: 74

Configuration items with relationships and configuration management processes can support many applications in IBM SmartCloud Control Desk. Which three application are likely to be supported? (Choose three.)

  1. Change

  2. Incident

  3. Inventory

  4. Workflow

  5. Work Order

  6. Service Request

Answer: A,B,F

Question No: 75

Which records are updated as a result of the reconciliation process?

  1. Linked assets

  2. Configuration items

  3. Actual configuration items

  4. No records are updated by the reconciliation process

Answer: D

Question No: 76

Which steps are required for a service desk agent to view all service requests reported by user J.DOE?

  1. Go to the Service Desk module, open the Global Search application, type J. DOE in the search field, and click Search.

  2. Go to the Security module, open the Users application, open the J.DOE record, and navigate to Service Requests tab.

  3. Go to the Service Desk module, open the Service Requests application, type =. DOE in the Reported By field, and click Enter.

  4. For security purposes, a default installation of IBM SmartCloud Control Desk allows service desk agents to see only service requests they have worked on.

Answer: C

Question No: 77

Which Service Level Agreement (SLA) option can be set at the Organization level in IBM SmartCloud Control Desk?

  1. Allow application of multiple SLAs

  2. Allow SLAs to be used in multiple sites

  3. Apply multiple SLAs based on ticket priority

  4. Use calendar for calculating escalation notifications

Answer: A

Question No: 78

When creating a migration package definition, what are two required attributes? (Choose two.)

  1. Type

  2. Change Role

  3. Migration Group

  4. Compiled Source

  5. Processing Action

Answer: A,E

Question No: 79

Requests from the Service Catalog are often processed by which related process?

  1. Service DeskProcess

  2. Request Fulfillment Process

  3. Service Provisioning Process

  4. Service Level Management Process

Answer: B

Question No: 80

How can a user view the topology of a configuration item (CI) affected by an incident?

  1. From the incident record, navigate to the CI Topology tab

  2. From the incident record, open the Select Action menu, and select View CI Topology

  3. From the incident record, open the Detail Menu next to the CI, select Go to Configuration Items, and navigate to the CI Topology tab

  4. Go to the IT Infrastructure module, open the Configuration Items application, enter the incident number, click Enter, and navigate to the CI Topology tab

Answer: C

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