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IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 Infrastructure Implementation

Question No: 11

An IBM Maximo Asset ManagementV7.5 user successfully exports some assets from the EXTSYS1 external system for the first time. Where would the user look to see the exported


  1. The user#39;s C:\drive.

  2. The documentroot directory specified in the web server configuration.

  3. The root directory where the mxe.int.globaldir system property is set.

  4. The xmlfiles directory specified in the mxe.int.globaldir system property.

Answer: D

Question No: 12

A customer wants IBM Maximo Asset Management (Maximo) report performance reviewed and suggestions given to increase user efficiency. While analyzing a report displaying all the work orders by crew for each yearly season, it is discovered that:

-> Not all the work orders are displayed for the day shift crew.

-> The report generation time is much longer than anticipated.

The customer has indicated this is the only report for work orders and they need this report to list all of the work orders for every crew.

Initial tuning of the associated queries and indexes have increasedreport performance; however, the issue with missing work orders has not been resolved.

There is a strong indication that this issue is related to Maximo system properties. Which three system properties should be investigated for this issue? (Choose three.)

  1. mxe.db.birt.reporttimeout

  2. mxe.db.fetchStopExclusion

  3. mxe.db.fetchResultLogLimit

  4. mxe.db.fetchResultStopLimit

  5. mxe.db.fetchResultStopLimitCREW

  6. mxe.db.fetchStopExclusion.workorder

Answer: B,D,F

Question No: 13

Which statement is true about the configuration of IBM Maximo Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) for optimum performance in a high load environment?

  1. User interaction processes must alwaystake place on JVMs with cron tasks enabled.

  2. Separating user interaction processes is only necessary when JVMs are clustered on the same physical server.

  3. All Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool (BIRT) reporting processes must be performed on theuser interface JVM.

  4. User interaction processing should be separated from other system tasks such as the Maximo Integration Framework and BIRT reporting.

Answer: D

Question No: 14

What does the system property mxe.LDAPUserMgmt=0 do in IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 (Maximo)?

  1. It enables native user configuration.

  2. Itdisables Maximo user authentication.

  3. It enables user management synchronization.

  4. It disables the cron tasks that import users from a LDAP capable server.

Answer: A

Question No: 15

What are the licensing implications of using the IBM Maximo Asset Management (Maximo) supplied middleware?

  1. The customer is free to use the middleware however theychoose.

  2. The customer is licensed to use the middleware only for the Maximo implementation.

  3. The customer must contact IBM and discuss licensing for the proposed environment.

  4. The customer is licensed to use the middleware as long as it is all installed on a single server.

Answer: B

Question No: 16

Which two tools are used to determine the IBM Maximo Asset Management installed product versions? (Choose two.)

  1. Iistiu.cmd

  2. listversion.bat

  3. de_version.cmd

  4. registryloader.bat

  5. solutioninstaller.bat

Answer: A,E

Question No: 17

Which log file in the \IBM\SMP\logs directory should be reviewed to confirm that the IBM Maximo Asset Management database has been installed correctly?

  1. build.name

  2. CTGError.log

  3. CTGInstallTrace.log

  4. CTGInstallMessage.log

Answer: C

Question No: 18

The IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 administrator completes the configuration of the Maximo Integration Framework and runs an exportfrom the EXTSYS1 external system. The export appears to complete without error, but when the mxe.int.globaldir is checked there is no export. The administrator checks the J2EE JMS sequential outbound queue and can see that the message is there, but it is not being processed. What is the most likely cause the message is not getting delivered to the mxe.int.globaldir?

  1. The EXTSYS1 external system is not active.

  2. The Maximo Java Virtual Machine is not started.

  3. The JMSQSEQCONSUMER.SEQQIN cron is not active.

  4. The JMSQSEQCONSUMER.SEQQOUT cron is not active.

Answer: D

Question No: 19

A company has recently installed IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5 (Maximo) and experienced a few bugs that are fixed withthe latest fix pack. The Maximo administrator shuts down the Maximo Java Virtual Machine and proceeds to uninstall all the Maximo applications from the J2EE server. Once the fix pack is installed, the administrator builds a new Maximo EAR and redeploys itto the J2EE server. The administrator logs in and validates the new fix pack has been installed by checking the version from Help gt; System Information and determines the fix pack installation was successful. Later that day the Help Desk calls and says thatno one can view any application help information, and the help link is not available. Why?

  1. The Maximo fix pack has disabled the help functions in Maximo.

  2. The Maximo administrator did not install the Maximo fix pack correctly.

  3. The Maximo administrator did not update the properties for the Help application.

  4. The Maximo administrator did not build and deploy the maximoiehs.ear file after installing the fix pack.

Answer: D

Question No: 20

Regarding the Run Configuration Step screen – which option requires running taskrunner.bat?

  1. configure SMTP host

  2. deploy application files manually later

  3. defer the update of the Maximo database

  4. copy filesnow, perform the configuration step later

Answer: D

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