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GED Science Exam

Question No: 191

Water on Earth is found in many places. It is found in the atmosphere, the ground, oceans, lakes, rivers, and in the polar ice caps. The continuous movement of water from the atmosphere to Earth’s surface and back to the atmosphere, called the water cycle, has four stages: storage on Earth, evaporation from Earth, precipitation from the atmosphere, and runoff on the surface of Earth.

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Based on the information and diagram, where would most of the storage of water on Earth occur?

  1. rocks

  2. ocean

  3. trees

  4. top layer of sandy soil

  5. ground cover

Answer: B

Question No: 192

The International Space Station (ISS) is in orbit about 400 km (250 miles) above the surface of Earth. The ISS is a platform that will enable scientists to conduct a wide range of experiments and observations. A diagram of the ISS is shown at the left.

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Which statement explains how materials get to the orbit of the ISS so that they can be assembled into the ISS?

  1. Huge rockets carry the material into orbit and robots assemble the ISS.

  2. Astronauts collect space debris and then use this material to assemble the ISS.

  3. The material is made on the Moon, flown to Earth’s orbit, and used to assemble the ISS.

  4. Huge cargo airplanes are used to carry materials to orbit where the ISS is built.

  5. Materials are carried into orbit by the Space Shuttle, and the astronauts assemble the ISS.

Answer: E

Question No: 193

There is a difference between a chemical mixture and a chemical compound. The properties of a mixture can vary because the amount of each material in the mixture is not

always the same. A compound, however, is always composed of a definite amount of particular elements.

Which substance is a compound?

  1. city air

  2. salad dressing

  3. water

  4. concrete

  5. toothpaste

Answer: C

Question No: 194

Many scientists believe that early in Earth’s history, life began in water, aided by the energy from sunlight. Dissolved molecules probably bonded chemically with each other to produce increasingly complex organic molecules called “heterotroph aggregates.” These molecules eventually developed the ability to reproduce.

Why are heterotroph aggregates not found on Earth’s Moon?

  1. The effect of Earth’s gravity on the Moon is too weak.

  2. The Moon is composed of elements not found on Earth.

  3. There is no energy from sunlight on the Moon.

  4. There is no liquid water on the Moon.

  5. The Moon is composed of inorganic molecules.

Answer: D

Question No: 195

For years, DDT was used for mosquito control in the marshlands near Long Island, New York. Authorities claimed DDT was safe because the poison would be diluted by the seawater. However, tests later revealed that tissues of fish-eating birds in the area contained DDT levels 500,000 times higher than that of the surrounding seawater.

Which statement best explains why the authorities were incorrect in their assessment of the

environmental impact of the use of DDT?

  1. DDT killed more birds than mosquitoes.

  2. The concentration of DDT increased in each organism as DDT moved through the links of the marshlands food chains.

  3. The fish-eating birds had been exposed to DDT in other areas besides the Long Island marshlands.

  4. DDT was introduced into the bloodstream of fish-eating birds by bites from dying mosquitoes.

  5. The nesting materials used by fish-eating birds became saturated with DDT.

Answer: B

Question No: 196

A family wants to plant a garden, but the soil around the house is mainly clay. Clay soil easily becomes saturated with water, cutting off the air supply needed by plants. Adding sand and peat moss can help plants grow in clay soil.

Which is the procedure for preparing the clay soil for planting?

  1. Dig deep holes and keep them filled with water for several weeks.

  2. Mix sand and peat moss with the soil while it is fairly dry.

  3. Plant only in sand or peat moss.

  4. Wait until midsummer before trying to plow or spade the soil.

  5. Wet the soil thoroughly for a week before trying to plow or spade it.

Answer: B

Question No: 197


Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Torque is the measure of a force that produces rotation. A wrench is used to loosen a bolt as shown at the left. The bolt is stuck, so it will require much more torque than is usually needed.

Which replacement given below is most likely to produce the required increase in torque for the wrench?

  1. a different color

  2. lighter in weight

  3. wider

  4. shorter

  5. longer

Answer: E

Question No: 198

The half-life of a radioactive substance is defined as the time required for one-half of the atoms of a radioactive sample to decay.

Radioactive carbon-14 has a half-life of 5730 years. After 5730 years, an original 2.00 g sample of carbon-14 will decay to 1.00 g.

At the end of a second half-life, how much of the 1.00 gram of carbon-14 will decay?

A. 0.10 g

B. 0.25 g

C. 0.50 g

D. 0.75 g

E. 1.00 g

Answer: C

Question No: 199

The sugars and starches in the human diet are broken down into glucose in the digestive system. This glucose passes from the small intestine into the blood. Human blood glucose levels are regulated by two hormones produced by the Islets of Langerhans in the human pancreas. The hormones are insulin, which lowers the level of blood glucose, and glucagon, which raises it.

Which statement best describes what happens after one eats a meal high in sugar and starches?

  1. The insulin level in the blood increases.

  2. No hormonal changes occur.

  3. The insulin level in the blood remains about the same.

  4. The insulin level in the blood decreases.

  5. The glucagon level in the blood increases.

Answer: A

Question No: 200

A biology class examined the effects of small amounts of several chemicals on the heart

rate of tiny water fleas. The graph shown at the left shows the results.

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Which statement provides the best interpretation of the data?

  1. Ethyl alcohol had no effect on the fleas’ heart rate.

  2. All chemicals increased the fleas’ heart rate.

  3. Tobacco juice increased the heart rate more than coffee.

  4. The chemicals used in this study were stimulants.

  5. Tea increased the fleas’ heart rate more than coffee.

Answer: C

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