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GED Science Exam

Question No: 141

An iceberg is slightly less dense than seawater and, therefore, floats with a fraction of its mass (about one-eighth to one-fifth) above the water. The other much greater portion is underwater. Irregularities in the shape of the iceberg determine how much is actually submerged.

Icebergs vary greatly in size and can present a great hazard to ships. Large icebergs are usually easy to detect on a ship’s radar and, therefore, can be avoided.

Which statement is most important for a captain to recall when navigating a ship through an iceberg field?

  1. Icebergs melt slowly.

  2. Major portion of each iceberg is under water.

  3. Smaller icebergs are not a threat to big ships.

  4. Icebergs occur in clusters of ten or more.

  5. Dangerous currents and eddies can surround an iceberg.

Answer: B

Question No: 142

Parasites often live continually within or on the external surface of the host. Parasites not only obtain food from the host, but they also may damage the tissues of the host.

Which pair BEST illustrates a host-parasite interaction?

  1. frog-insect

  2. honeybee-ant

  3. dandelion-sunflower

  4. human-tapeworm

  5. catfish-trout

Answer: D

Question No: 143

Blood typing is essentially a chemical reaction that provides data so that blood may be safely transfused from one person to another. The basic objective is to avoid “clumping” that could occur in the recipient when the wrong blood type is received. These “clumps” of red blood cells could block arteries or veins affecting the blood flow to critical body organs, like the heart or the brain.


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Based on the chart and the information, which blood type will not form clumps with either Anti-A reagent serum or the Anti-B reagent serum?

  1. Type A

  2. Type B

  3. Type AB

  4. Types A and B

  5. Type O

Answer: E

Question No: 144

Cells are the building blocks of the human body. Cancer cells differ from healthy cells in their rate of reproduction; they divide in an uncontrollable and rapid manner and may spread to areas of the body where they do not belong. A cancerous lung cell may be found in any other organ it invades. When cancer cells reproduce, they produce other cancer cells.

Based on the information above, which statement identifies a characteristic of cancer cells?

  1. divide slowly and in a controlled manner

  2. divide much more often in the same time period than do normal, healthy cells

  3. do not spread into other organs from the original ones where they were formed

  4. are formed only in the human digestive system

  5. divide to form normal, healthy cells

Answer: B

Question No: 145

The widespread use of antibiotics has created a frightening threat to our safety. While antibiotics have offered life-saving treatment for countless diseases, their misuse and overuse have contributed to the evolution of deadly bacteria that are resistant to treatment. Although there is a reluctance to give up the demand for antibiotics, most people accept scientists’ warnings of impending catastrophe.

Which choice best explains why doctors now prescribe antibiotics less often than in the past?

  1. The newer antibiotics are too expensive for the average consumer.

  2. Insurance does not cover many antibiotic prescriptions.

  3. Antibiotic use causes frequent digestive upsets.

  4. Time constraints prevent doctors from writing as many prescriptions.

  5. Bacteria become resistant to treatment by certain antibiotics.

Answer: E

Question No: 146

A contour line is a line passing through points with the same altitude above sea level. A steep slope is represented by closely spaced contour lines; widely spaced contour lines show a more gradual incline.

A topographic map displays these contour lines and helps outline the shape of the landscape locating hills, cliffs, and depressions.

Based on the topographic map at the left, if a person wants to travel on level ground as much as possible, which would be the easiest path between points A and B?


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  1. A – D – C – B

  2. A – E – F – B

  3. A – C – B

  4. A – C – F – B

  5. A – F – C – B

Answer: B

Question No: 147

DDT is a toxic substance. The illustration below lists DDT levels in various organisms.

Which statement best explains why the amount of DDT is higher in the eagle than in the otherorganisms?


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  1. DDT is more poisonous to birds than to other living organisms.

  2. The DDT in the small bird passes directly to the eagle.

  3. The eagle has a diet of animals and plants.

  4. DDT becomes more concentrated as it passes through the food web.

  5. Mice are the only animals on which the eagles feed.

Answer: D

Question No: 148

A study was completed of 356 pairs of identical twins in which only one twin in each set had abused substances and had undergone treatment for this condition. The investigation showed that environmental influence accounted for most of the substance abuse if the substance abuse occurred after the twins had become adults.

Why were identical twins used in this study?

  1. have similar genetic influences

  2. are likely to marry other sets of twins

  3. have similar behaviors

  4. are prone to substance abuse

  5. respond the same way to their environment

Answer: A

Question No: 149

Catalysts are chemical substances that increase the rate of a chemical reaction but are not changed by the reaction. Enzymes are special catalysts produced in body cells and are composed of proteins.

Which statement is true?

  1. All catalysts are proteins.

  2. All proteins are enzymes.

  3. All catalysts are enzymes.

  4. All proteins are catalysts.

  5. All enzymes are catalysts.

Answer: E

Question No: 150

Nicotine patches are a popular smoking cessation method. Although they are effective for some people, not all nicotine patches work, and some doses work better than others. The graph below shows the effectiveness of nicotine patches for patients who participated in a 24-week study.

Based on the graph,

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Whatpercentage of patients receiving the 21-mg nicotine patches remained off cigarettes after six weeks?

A. 57%

B. 40%

C. 27%

D. 15%

E. 5%

Answer: A

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