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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures V8

Question No: 421 – (Topic 5)

The precaution of prohibiting employees from bringing personal computing devices into a facility is what type of security control?

  1. Physical

  2. Procedural

  3. Technical

  4. Compliance

Answer: B

Question No: 422 – (Topic 5)

What is the best defense against privilege escalation vulnerability?

  1. Patch systems regularly and upgrade interactive login privileges at the system administrator level.

  2. Run administrator and applications on least privileges and use a content registry for tracking.

  3. Run services with least privileged accounts and implement multi-factor authentication and authorization.

  4. Review user roles and administrator privileges for maximum utilization of automation services.

Answer: C

Question No: 423 – (Topic 5)

Which security strategy requires using several, varying methods to protect IT systems against attacks?

  1. Defense in depth

  2. Three-way handshake

  3. Covert channels

  4. Exponential backoff algorithm

Answer: A

Question No: 424 – (Topic 5)

What is the primary drawback to using advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithm with a 256 bit key to share sensitive data?

  1. Due to the key size, the time it will take to encrypt and decrypt the message hinders efficient communication.

  2. To get messaging programs to function with this algorithm requires complex configurations.

  3. It has been proven to be a weak cipher; therefore, should not be trusted to protect sensitive data.

  4. It is a symmetric key algorithm, meaning each recipient must receive the key through a different channel than the message.

Answer: D

Question No: 425 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following is a symmetric cryptographic standard?

  1. DSA

  2. PKI

  3. RSA

  4. 3DES

Answer: D

Question No: 426 – (Topic 5)

A tester has been using the msadc.pl attack script to execute arbitrary commands on a Windows NT4 web server. While it is effective, the tester finds it tedious to perform extended functions.

On further research, the tester come across a perl script that runs the following msadc functions:system(quot;perl msadc.pl -h $host -C \quot;echo open $your gt;testfile\quot;quot;);

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which exploit is indicated by this script?

  1. A buffer overflow exploit

  2. A chained exploit

  3. A SQL injection exploit

  4. A denial of service exploit

Answer: B

Question No: 427 – (Topic 5)

What are common signs that a system has been compromised or hacked? (Choose three.)

  1. Increased amount of failed logon events

  2. Patterns in time gaps in system and/or event logs

  3. New user accounts created

  4. Consistency in usage baselines

  5. Partitions are encrypted

  6. Server hard drives become fragmented

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 428 – (Topic 5)

Which property ensures that a hash function will not produce the same hashed value for two different messages?

  1. Collision resistance

  2. Bit length

  3. Key strength

  4. Entropy

Answer: A

Question No: 429 – (Topic 5)

A company has hired a security administrator to maintain and administer Linux and

Windows-based systems. Written in the nightly report file is the followinG.

Firewall log files are at the expected value of 4 MB. The current time is 12am. Exactly two hours later the size has decreased considerably. Another hour goes by and the log files have shrunk in size again.

Which of the following actions should the security administrator take?

  1. Log the event as suspicious activity and report this behavior to the incident response team immediately.

  2. Log the event as suspicious activity, call a manager, and report this as soon as possible.

  3. Run an anti-virus scan because it is likely the system is infected by malware.

  4. Log the event as suspicious activity, continue to investigate, and act according to the site#39;s security policy.

Answer: D

Question No: 430 – (Topic 5)

When setting up a wireless network, an administrator enters a pre-shared key for security. Which of the following is true?

  1. The key entered is a symmetric key used to encrypt the wireless data.

  2. The key entered is a hash that is used to prove the integrity of the wireless data.

  3. The key entered is based on the Diffie-Hellman method.

  4. The key is an RSA key used to encrypt the wireless data.

Answer: A

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