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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures V8

Question No: 211 – (Topic 3)

What will the following command produce on a website#39;s login page if executed successfully? SELECT email, passwd, login_id, full_name FROM members WHERE email

= #39;someone@somewhere.com#39;; DROP TABLE members; -#39;

  1. This code will insert the someone@somewhere.com email address into the members table.

  2. This command will delete the entire members table.

  3. It retrieves the password for the first user in the members table.

  4. This command will not produce anything since the syntax is incorrect.

Answer: B

Question No: 212 – (Topic 3)

What command would you type to OS fingerprint a server using the command line?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. Option A

  2. Option B

  3. Option C

  4. Option D

Answer: C

Question No: 213 – (Topic 3)

If an attacker#39;s computer sends an IPID of 24333 to a zombie (Idle Scanning) computer on a closed port, what will be the response?

  1. The zombie computer will respond with an IPID of 24334.

  2. The zombie computer will respond with an IPID of 24333.

  3. The zombie computer will not send a response.

  4. The zombie computer will respond with an IPID of 24335.

Answer: A

Question No: 214 – (Topic 3)

Oregon Corp is fighting a litigation suit with Scamster Inc. Oregon has assigned a private investigative agency to go through garbage, recycled paper, and other rubbish at Scamster#39;s office site in order to find relevant information. What would you call this kind of activity?

  1. CI Gathering

  2. Scanning

  3. Dumpster Diving

  4. Garbage Scooping

Answer: C

Question No: 215 – (Topic 3)

You are the security administrator for a large network. You want to prevent attackers from running any sort of traceroute into your DMZ and discovering the internal structure of publicly accessible areas of the network. How can you achieve this?

  1. There is no way to completely block tracerouting into this area

  2. Block UDP at the firewall

  3. Block TCP at the firewall

  4. Block ICMP at the firewall

Answer: A

Question No: 216 – (Topic 3)

The SNMP Read-Only Community String is like a password. The string is sent along with each SNMP Get-Request and allows (or denies) access to a device. Most network vendors

ship their equipment with a default password of quot;publicquot;. This is the so-called quot;default public community stringquot;. How would you keep intruders from getting sensitive information regarding the network devices using SNMP? (Select 2 answers)

  1. Enable SNMPv3 which encrypts username/password authentication

  2. Use your company name as the public community string replacing the default #39;public#39;

  3. Enable IP filtering to limit access to SNMP device

  4. The default configuration provided by device vendors is highly secure and you don#39;t need to change anything

Answer: A,C

Question No: 217 – (Topic 3)

One way to defeat a multi-level security solution is to leak data via

  1. a bypass regulator.

  2. steganography.

  3. a covert channel.

  4. asymmetric routing.

Answer: C

Question No: 218 – (Topic 3)

Web servers are often the most targeted and attacked hosts on organizations#39; networks. Attackers may exploit software bugs in the Web server, underlying operating system, or active content to gain unauthorized access.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Identify the correct statement related to the above Web Server installation?

  1. Lack of proper security policy, procedures and maintenance

  2. Bugs in server software, OS and web applications

  3. Installing the server with default settings

  4. Unpatched security flaws in the server software, OS and applications

Answer: C

Question No: 219 – (Topic 3)

Which type of scan measures a person#39;s external features through a digital video camera?

  1. Iris scan

  2. Retinal scan

  3. Facial recognition scan

  4. Signature kinetics scan

Answer: C

Question No: 220 – (Topic 3)

Which type of password cracking technique works like dictionary attack but adds some numbers and symbols to the words from the dictionary and tries to crack the password?

  1. Dictionary attack

  2. Brute forcing attack

  3. Hybrid attack

  4. Syllable attack

  5. Rule-based attack

Answer: C

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