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Question No: 71

Which of the following should the administrator ensure during the test of a disaster recovery plan?

  1. Ensure that all client computers in the organization are shut down.

  2. Ensure that each member of the disaster recovery team is aware of their responsibility.

  3. Ensure that the plan works properly

  4. Ensure that all the servers in the organization are shut down.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 72

Which of the following governance bodies provides management, operational, and technical controls to satisfy the security requirements?

  1. Chief Information Security Officer

  2. Senior Management

  3. Business Unit Manager

  4. Information Security Steering Committee

Answer: B

Question No: 73

Against which of the following does SSH provide protection? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

  1. Broadcast storm

  2. Password sniffing

  3. DoS attack

  4. IP spoofing

Answer: B,D

Question No: 74

A project plan includes the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and cost estimates. Which of the following are the parts of a project plan?

Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  1. Risk identification

  2. Project schedule

  3. Risk analysis

  4. Team members list

  5. Security Threat

Answer: A,B,C,D

Question No: 75

Which of the following statements is related to residual risks?

  1. It is the probabilistic risk before implementing all security measures.

  2. It is the probabilistic risk after implementing all security measures.

  3. It can be considered as an indicator of threats coupled with vulnerability.

  4. It is a weakness or lack of safeguard that can be exploited by a threat.

Answer: B

Question No: 76

You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. You are working with your team members on the risk responses in the project. Which risk response will likely cause a project to use the procurement processes?

  1. Mitigation

  2. Sharing

  3. Exploiting

  4. Acceptance

Answer: B

Question No: 77

You want to use PGP files for steganography. Which of the following tools will you use to accomplish the task?

  1. Snow

  2. ImageHide

  3. Blindside

  4. Stealth

Answer: D

Question No: 78

Fill in the blank:

A plan is a plan devised for a specific situation when things could go wrong.

A. contingency

Answer: A

Question No: 79

You are working as a Project Manager in your organization. You are nearing the final stages of project execution, and looking towards the final risk monitoring and controlling activities. For your project archives, which one of the following is an output of risk monitoring and control?

  1. Quantitative risk analysis

  2. Requested changes

  3. Risk audits

  4. Qualitative risk analysis

Answer: B

Question No: 80

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a logical process used by the programmers to develop software. Which SDLC phase meets the following audit objectives?

System and data are validated. System meets all user requirements. System meets all control requirements.

  1. Definition

  2. Evaluation and acceptance

  3. Initiation

  4. Programming and training

Answer: B

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