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Question No: 171

A Web-based credit card company had collected financial and personal details of Mark before

issuing him a credit card. The company has now provided Mark#39;s financial and personal details to another company. Which of the following Internet laws has the credit card issuing

company violated?

  1. Security law

  2. Privacy law

  3. Trademark law

  4. Copyright law

Answer: B

Question No: 172

You work as a project manager for TYU project. You are planning for risk mitigation. You need to identify the risks that will need a more in-depth analysis. Which of the following activities will help you in this?

  1. Qualitative analysis

  2. Estimate activity duration

  3. Quantitative analysis

  4. Risk identification

Answer: A

Question No: 173

You are working as a project manager in your organization. You are nearing the final stages of project execution and looking towards the final risk monitoring and controlling activities. For your project archives, which one of the following is an output of risk monitoring and control?

  1. Quantitative risk analysis

  2. Risk audits

  3. Requested changes

  4. Qualitative risk analysis

Answer: C

Question No: 174

Fill in the blank:

An (AS) is a group of networks under a single administration and with single routing policies.

A. Autonomous System

Answer: A

Question No: 175

You work as a CSO (Chief Security Officer) for Tech Perfect Inc. You have a disaster scenario and you want to discuss it with your team members for getting appropriate responses of the disaster. In which of the following disaster recovery tests can this task be performed?

  1. Simulation test

  2. Parallel test

  3. Full-interruption test

  4. Structured walk-through test

Answer: A

Question No: 176

Mark works as a Network Administrator for NetTech Inc. Mark is testing the disaster recovery plan of the company. During the testing of the recovery plan, he finds that some servers have been restored with another server#39;s data. What will Mark do to improve the disaster recovery plan?

  1. Maintain a hard copy of the data stored on the server.

  2. Maintain a printed tape backup report.

  3. Remember which tape drive stores which server#39;s data.

  4. Implement the cluster server.

Answer: B

Question No: 177

Which of the following measurements of a disaster recovery plan are aimed at avoiding an event from occurring?

  1. Detective measures

  2. Corrective measures

  3. Supportive measures

  4. Preventive measures

Answer: D

Question No: 178

Fill in the blank:

A plan is a plan devised for a specific situation when things could go wrong.

A. contingency

Answer: A

Question No: 179

Which of the following BCP teams handles financial arrangement, public relations, and media inquiries in the time of disaster recovery?

  1. Software team

  2. Off-site storage team

  3. Emergency-management team

  4. Applications team

Answer: C

Question No: 180

Which of the following BCP teams is the first responder and deals with the immediate

effects of the disaster?

  1. Emergency action team

  2. Damage assessment team

  3. Off-site storage team

  4. Emergency management team

Answer: A

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