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Question No: 161

Which of the following sets of incident response practices is recommended by the CERT/CC?

  1. Prepare, handle, and follow up

  2. Prepare, handle, and notify

  3. Prepare, notify, and follow up

  4. Notify, handle, and follow up

Answer: A

Question No: 162

Which of the following processes helps the business units to understand the impact of a

disruptive event?

  1. Business impact assessment

  2. Business continuity plan development

  3. Scope and plan initiation

  4. Plan approval and implementation

Answer: A

Question No: 163

Which of the following is the phase of Incident handling process in which the distinction between an event and an incident is made?

  1. Identification phase

  2. Preparation phase

  3. Differential phase

  4. Eradication phase

Answer: A

Question No: 164

Which of the following sources is the best for developing Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)?

  1. Industry averages

  2. Tape restore data

  3. Business impact analysis

  4. Past recovery test results

Answer: C

Question No: 165

Which of the following processes hides one set of IP addresses used for internal traffic only while exposing a second set of addresses to external traffic?

  1. SIIT

  2. NAT

  3. NAT-PT

  4. NAPT-PT

Answer: B

Question No: 166

Which of the following types of controls focuses on stopping a security breach from taking place in the ?rst place?

  1. Detection

  2. Containment

  3. Preventive

  4. Recovery

Answer: C

Question No: 167

Which of the following types of control gives an instance of the audit log?

  1. Preventive

  2. Detection

  3. Containment

  4. Recovery

Answer: B

Question No: 168

Which of the following systems monitors the operating system detecting inappropriate activity, writing to log files, and triggering alarms?

  1. Behavior-based ID system

  2. Network-based ID system

  3. Signature-Based ID system

  4. Host-based ID system

Answer: D

Question No: 169

Which of the following systems commonly resides on a discrete network segment and monitors the traffic on that network segment?

  1. Host-Based ID system

  2. Statistical Anomaly-Based ID system

  3. Signature-Based ID system

  4. Network-Based ID system

Answer: D

Question No: 170

Which of the following systems helps to detect the quot;abuse of privilegesquot; attack that does not

actually involve exploiting any security vulnerability?

  1. Signature-Based ID system

  2. Network-Based ID system

  3. Statistical Anomaly-Based ID system

  4. Host-Based ID system

Answer: C

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