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Question No: 151

Which of the following types of storage requires some direct human action in order to make access to the storage media physically possible?

  1. Near-line

  2. Off-line

  3. On-line

  4. Far-line

Answer: B

Question No: 152

Which of the following steps has the goal to reduce the level of risk to the IT system and its data to an acceptable level?

  1. Recommended Controls

  2. Results Documentation

  3. Impact Analysis

  4. Risk Determination

Answer: A

Question No: 153

Who among the following has the ultimate responsibility for the protection of the organization#39;s information?

  1. Senior management

  2. Application owner

  3. User

  4. Technology provider

Answer: A

Question No: 154

Which of the following Tier 1 policies will identify who is responsible for what?

  1. Scope

  2. Responsibilities

  3. Compliance or Consequences

  4. Topic

Answer: B

Question No: 155

Which of the following global (Tier 1) policies de?nes what speci?cally the policy is going to address?

  1. Responsibilities

  2. Scope

  3. Compliance or Consequences

  4. Topic

Answer: D

Question No: 156

Which of the following tasks is prioritized the most by the information security strategy?

  1. Industry best practices

  2. Technology plans and deliverables

  3. Business goals and objectives

  4. Security metrics

Answer: C

Question No: 157

Which of the following actions can be performed by using the principle of separation of duties?

  1. Conducting background investigation

  2. Developing job descriptions

  3. Reducing the opportunity for fraud

  4. Identifying critical positions

Answer: C

Question No: 158

Which of the following functions is performed by change control?

  1. It tracks changes to system hardware, software, ?rmware, and documentation.

  2. It maintains visibility of changes to the system.

  3. It tracks and approves changes to system hardware, software,

    ?rmware, and documentation.

  4. It ensures that changes to the system are approved.

Answer: C

Question No: 159

Which of the following is a category of an automated Incident detection process?

  1. Catastrophe Theory

  2. Input detection

  3. Control theory

  4. OODA looping

Answer: A

Question No: 160

Which of the following workforces works to handle the incidents in an enterprise?

  1. Z force

  2. IEEE Software Development Team

  3. Computer Emergency Response Team

  4. Computer Forensics Team

Answer: C

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