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Question No: 111

Which of the following tests ensures that the organization complies with the requirements of the disaster recovery plan?

  1. Parallel test

  2. Checklist test

  3. Simulation test

  4. Full-interruption test

Answer: B

Question No: 112

Which of the following contract types is described in the statement below?

quot;The seller is reimbursed for all allowable costs for performing the contract work, and receives a fixed payment calculated as a percentage for the initial estimated project costs.quot;

  1. Fixed Price Incentive Fee Contracts (FPIF)

  2. Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contracts (CPFF)

  3. Cost Plus Incentive Fee Contracts (CPIF)

  4. Firm Fixed Price Contracts (FFP)

Answer: B

Question No: 113

Which of the following processes is required for effective business continuity and disaster- recovery planning?

  1. Walk-through testing

  2. Paper testing

  3. Business impact assessment (BIA)

  4. Preparedness testing

Answer: C

Question No: 114

Which of the following parts of BS 7799 covers risk analysis and management?

  1. Part 2

  2. Part 4

  3. Part 1

  4. Part 3

Answer: D

Question No: 115

Which of the following tests activates the total disaster recovery plan?

  1. Full-interruption test

  2. Structured walk-through test

  3. Checklist test

  4. Parallel test

Answer: A

Question No: 116

Which of the following documents helps disaster recovery team members in getting the alternate sites up and running?

  1. Technical guide

  2. Executive summary

  3. Department-specific plan

  4. Checklist

Answer: A

Question No: 117

Which of the following documents is necessary to continue the business in the event of disaster or emergency?

  1. Vital record

  2. Recourse record

  3. Legal value

  4. Fiscal value

Answer: A

Question No: 118

Which of the following scripts is included as a part of disaster recovery plan to confirm that everything is working as intended?

  1. Base-functionality script

  2. Recovery-plan script

  3. SQL Server Index Defrag script

  4. Transact-SQL script

Answer: A

Question No: 119

Which of the following documents provides a high-level view of the entire organization#39;s disaster recovery efforts?

  1. Checklists

  2. Technical guides

  3. Executive summary

  4. Department-specific plans

Answer: C

Question No: 120

Which of the following processes helps to quantify the impact of potential threats to put a price or value on the cost of lost business functionality?

  1. Risk Identification

  2. Risk Analysis

  3. Risk Reassessment

  4. Risk Avoidance

Answer: B

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