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Topic 1, Volume A

Question No: 261 – (Topic 3)

An Active Attack is a type of steganography attack in which the attacker changes the carrier during the communication process. Which of the following techniques is used for smoothing the transition and controlling contrast on the hard edges, where there is significant color transition?

  1. Sharpen

  2. Rotate

  3. Blur

  4. Soften

Answer: C

Question No: 262 – (Topic 3)

You are consulting with a small budget conscious accounting firm. Each accountant keeps individual records on their PC and checks them in and out of a server. They are concerned about losing data should the server hard drive crash. Which of the following RAID levels would you recommend?

  1. RAID 1

  2. RAID 6

  3. RAID 5

  4. RAID 0

Answer: A

Question No: 263 – (Topic 3)

You work as a Security Administrator for uCertify Inc. You observe that an employee is spreading personal data of your organization. Which of the following standards of information security deals with the employees handling personal data in an organization?

  1. Human resource security

  2. Personal security

  3. Physical security

  4. Network Security

Answer: A

Question No: 264 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following types of viruses is placed into the first sector of the hard drive?

  1. Multipartite

  2. Master boot record

  3. File

  4. Boot sector

Answer: D

Question No: 265 – (Topic 3)

In which year was the Turnbull report published?

A. 2005

B. 2000

C. 1999

D. 1992

Answer: C

Question No: 266 – (Topic 3)

The usage of pre-numbered forms for initiating a transaction is an example of which of the following types of control?

  1. Deterrent control

  2. Detective control

  3. Preventive control

  4. Application control

Answer: C

Question No: 267 – (Topic 3)

How many modules are there in FaultTree ?

  1. 6

  2. 5

  3. 3

  4. 4

Answer: C

Question No: 268 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following is NOT a common information-gathering technique while performing risk analysis?

  1. Review of existing policy documents

  2. Employment of automated risk assessment tools

  3. Distribution of questionnaire

  4. Interview of terminated employees

Answer: D

Question No: 269 – (Topic 3)

An audit trail is an example of which of the following types of control?

  1. Detective control

  2. Application control

  3. Preventive control

  4. Deterrent control

Answer: A

Question No: 270 – (Topic 3)

What does CRAMM stand for?

  1. Continuous Risk Analysis and Management Method

  2. CCTA Risk Analysis and Management Method

  3. Continuous Risk Analyzer and Manager Methodology

  4. CCTA Risk Analyzer and Manager Methodology

Answer: B

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