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GIAC Security Leadership Certification (GSLC)

Question No: 241 – (Topic 2)

John works as a Network Security Professional. He is assigned a project to test the

security of www.we-are-secure.com. He is working on the Linux operating system and wants to install an Intrusion Detection System on the We-are-secure server so that he can receive alerts about any hacking attempts. Which of the following tools can John use to accomplish the task?

Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  1. SARA

  2. Snort

  3. Tripwire

  4. Samhain

Answer: B,D

Question No: 242 – (Topic 2)

You are the project manager of the NJJ project. Your enterprise environmental factors require that you establish certain risk management rules regarding low risks within your project. What is the best policy for risks with low probability and low impact in the project management?

  1. These risks should be placed in the risk register.

  2. These risks should be identified, but dismissed.

  3. These risks should be accepted.

  4. These risks should be placed on a watchlist for future monitoring.

Answer: D

Question No: 243 – (Topic 2)

You are a Web Administrator of Millennium Inc. The company has hosted its Web site within its network. The management wants the company#39;s vendors to be able to connect to the corporate site from their locations through the Internet. As a public network is involved in this process, you are concerned about the security of data transmitted between the vendors and the corporate site. Which of the following can help you?

  1. Smart card

  2. EAP

  3. VPN

  4. WEP

Answer: C

Question No: 244 – (Topic 2)

Mark works as a Network Administrator for NetTech Inc. The company has a Windows 2003 Active Directory domain-based network. The domain consists of two Windows 2003 member servers and 500 Windows XP Professional client computers. The member servers are working as file servers. All the member servers are located in an OU named MEMSERV. Mark wants to test IPSec interoperability on the network. For this purpose, he creates a GPO named EXP. In the EXP GPO, he creates an IPSec policy named IPTEST. The IPTEST policy contains a rule that specifies the use of Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) with null encryption. The IPTEST policy is applied to the member servers by linking the EXP GPO to the MEMSERV OU. After testing the IPSec interoperability, Mark wants to ensure that the member servers no longer use the IPTEST policy. What will he do to accomplish the task?

  1. Run the REMOVEPOL command on all the member servers.

  2. Unassign the IPTEST policy in the EXP Group Policy object.

  3. Delete the IPTEST policy in the EXP Group Policy object.

  4. Reset the IPTEST policy in the EXP Group Policy object.

Answer: B

Question No: 245 – (Topic 2)

Rick is the project manager for TTM project. He is in the process of procuring services from vendors. He makes a contract with a vendor in which he precisely specify the services to be procured, and any changes to the procurement specification will increase the costs to the buyer. Which type of contract is this?

  1. Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment

  2. Fixed Price Incentive Fee

  3. Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contract

  4. Firm Fixed Price

Answer: D

Question No: 246 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following terms describes the statement given below?

quot;It provides the testers with complete knowledge of the infrastructure to be tested, often including network diagrams, source code, and IP addressing information.quot;

  1. BackTrack

  2. GFI LANguard

  3. White box penetration testing

  4. Black box penetration testing

Answer: C

Question No: 247 – (Topic 2)

Maria works as a Network Security Officer for Gentech Inc. She wants to encrypt her network traffic. The specific requirement for the encryption algorithm is that it must be a symmetric key block cipher.

Which of the following techniques will she use to fulfill this requirement?

  1. DES

  2. AES

  3. PGP

  4. IDEA

Answer: A

Question No: 248 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following types of virus is capable of changing its signature to avoid detection?

  1. Polymorphic virus

  2. Boot sector virus

  3. Macro virus

  4. Stealth virus

Answer: A

Question No: 249 – (Topic 2)

John is a malicious attacker. He illegally accesses the server of We-are-secure Inc. He then places a backdoor in the We-are-secure server and alters its log files. Which of the following steps of malicious hacking includes altering the server log files?

  1. Reconnaissance

  2. Maintaining access

  3. Covering tracks

  4. Gaining access

Answer: C

Question No: 250 – (Topic 2)

In the image of the Screened Host Firewall Architecture given below, select the element that is commonly known as the access router.

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Answer: A

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