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Question No: 71

You work as a Network Administrator for Net World Inc. The company has a Linux-based network. For testing purposes, you have configured a default IP-table with several filtering rules. You want to reconfigure the table. For this, you decide to remove the rules from all the chains in the table. Which of the following commands will you use?



  3. IPTABLES -h


Answer: D

Question No: 72

Which of the following are advantages of Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS)?

  1. Analysis of encrypted traffic

  2. Provide insight into network traffic

  3. Detection of network operations problems

  4. Provide logs of network traffic that can be used as part of other security measures.

  5. Inexpensive to manage

  6. B, C, and D

  7. A, C, and E

  8. B, D, and E

  9. A, B, and C

Answer: C

Question No: 73

When Net Stumbler is initially launched, it sends wireless frames to which of the following


  1. Broadcast address

  2. Default gateway address

  3. Subnet address

  4. Network address

Answer: A

Question No: 74

Which of the following are examples of Issue-Specific policies all organizations should address?

  1. Perimeter filtering guides, break times for employees, desktop neatness and backup procedures.

  2. Rogue wireless access points, auditing, break time for employees and organizational structure.

  3. Audit logs, physical access, mission statements and network protocols used.

  4. Backup requirements, employee monitoring, physical access and acceptable use.

Answer: D

Question No: 75

You are reviewing a packet capture file from your network intrusion detection system. In the packet stream, you come across a long series of quot;no operationquot; (NOP) commands. In addition to the NOP commands, there appears to be a malicious payload. Of the following, which is the most appropriate preventative measure for this type of attack?

  1. Limits on the number of failed logins

  2. Boundary checks on program inputs

  3. Controls against time of check/time of use attacks

  4. Restrictions on file permissions

Answer: C

Question No: 76

Your organization is developing a network protection plan. No single aspect of your network seems more important than any other. You decide to avoid separating your network into segments or categorizing the systems on the network. Each device on the network is essentially protected in the same manner as all other devices.

This style of defense-in-depth protection is best described as which of the following?

  1. Uniform protection

  2. Threat-oriented

  3. Information-centric

  4. Protected enclaves

Answer: A

Question No: 77

Which of the following fields CANNOT be hashed by Authentication Header (AH) in transport mode?

  1. Length

  2. Source IP

  3. TTL

  4. Destination IP

Answer: C

Question No: 78

Which of the following is a benefit to utilizing Cygwin for Windows?

  1. The ability to install a complete Red Hat operating system Install on Windows.

  2. The ability to bring much more powerful scripting capabilities to Windows.

  3. The ability to run a production Apache server.

  4. The ability to install a complete Ubuntu operating system install on Windows.

Answer: A

Question No: 79

Which of the following TCP packet flags indicates that host should IMMEDIATELY terminate the connection containing the packet?

  1. FIN

  2. URG

  3. SYN

  4. RST

Answer: D

Question No: 80

Which of the following is a new Windows Server 2008 feature for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

  1. The ability to allow the administrator to choose a port other than the default RDP port (TCP 3389)

  2. The ability to support connections from mobile devices like smart phones

  3. The ability to allow clients to authenticate over TLS

  4. The ability to allow clients to execute individual applications rather than using a terminal desktop

Answer: D

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