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Question No: 21

Which of the following is a private, RFC 1918 compliant IP address that would be assigned

to a DHCP scope on a private LAN?





Answer: C

Question No: 22

You work as a Network Administrator for Net Perfect Inc. The company has a Linux-based network. You are configuring an application server. An application named Report, which is owned by the root user, is placed on the server. This application requires superuser permission to write to other files. All sales managers of the company will be using the application. Which of the following steps will you take in order to enable the sales managers to run and use the Report application?

  1. Change the Report application to a SUID command.

  2. Make the user accounts of all the sales managers the members of the root group.

  3. Provide password of root user to all the sales managers. Ask each sales manager to run the application as the root user.

  4. As the application is owned by the root, no changes are required.

Answer: A

Question No: 23

Which command would allow an administrator to determine if a RPM package was already installed?

  1. rpm -s

  2. rpm -q

  3. rpm -a

  4. rpm -t

Answer: B

Question No: 24

While building multiple virtual machines on a single host operating system, you have determined that each virtual machine needs to work on the network as a separate entity with its own unique IP address on the same logical subnet. You also need to limit each guest operating system to how much system resources it has access to. Which of the following correctly identifies steps that must be taken towards setting up these virtual environments?

  1. The virtual machine software must define a separate virtual network Interface to each virtual machine and then define which unique logical hard drive partition should be available to the guest operating system.

  2. The virtual machine software must define a separate virtual network interface since each system needs to have an IP address on the same logical subnet requiring they use the same physical interface on the host operating system.

  3. The virtual machine software must define a separate virtual network interface to each virtual machine as well as how much RAM should be available to each virtual machine.

  4. The virtual machine software establishes the existence of the guest operating systems and the physical system resources to be used by that system will be configured from within the guest operating system.

  5. The virtual machine software must define a separate physical network interface to each virtual machine so that the guest operating systems can have unique IP addresses and then define how much of the systems RAM is available to the guest operating system.

Answer: E

Question No: 25

To be considered a strong algorithm, an encryption algorithm must be which of the following?

  1. Secret

  2. Well-known

  3. Confidential

  4. Proprietary

Answer: B

Question No: 26

Which of the following types of computers is used for attracting potential intruders?

  1. Files pot

  2. Honey pot

  3. Data pot

  4. Bastion host

Answer: B

Question No: 27

You are examining an IP packet with a header of 40 bytes in length and the value at byte 0 of the packet header is 6. Which of the following describes this packet?

  1. This is an IPv4 packet; the protocol encapsulated in the payload is unspecified.

  2. This is an IPv4 packet with a TCP payload.

  3. This is an IPv6 packet; the protocol encapsulated in the payload is unspecified.

  4. This is an IPv6 packet with a TCP payload.

Answer: C

Question No: 28

Which of the following statements about buffer overflow is true?

  1. It manages security credentials and public keys for message encryption.

  2. It is a collection of files used by Microsoft for software updates released between major service pack releases.

  3. It is a condition in which an application receives more data than it is configured to accept.

  4. It is a false warning about a virus.

Answer: C

Question No: 29

Which of the following is a valid password for a system with the default quot;Password must

meet complexity requirementsquot; setting enabled as part of the GPO Password policy requirements?

  1. The Cat Chased its Tail AII Night

  2. disk ACCESS failed


  4. SaNS2006

Answer: D

Question No: 30

You are implementing wireless access at a defense contractor. Specifications say, you must implement the AES Encryption algorithm. Which encryption standard should you choose?

  1. WPA

  2. TKIP

  3. WEP

  4. WPA 2

Answer: D

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