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Question No: 181

What is the most secure way to address an unused Windows service so it cannot be exploited by malware?

  1. Firewall it

  2. Set to manual startup

  3. Disable it

  4. Uninstall it

Answer: D

Question No: 182

Why are false positives such a problem with IPS technology?

  1. File integrity is not guaranteed.

  2. Malicious code can get into the network.

  3. Legitimate services are not delivered.

  4. Rules are often misinterpreted.

Answer: D

Question No: 183

How are differences in configuration settings handled between Domain and Local Group Policy Objects (GPOs)?

  1. Local and Domain GPOs control different configuration settings, so there will not be conflicts.

  2. Settings in the domain-wide GPO override conflicting settings in the local GPO on each computer.

  3. Settings in the local GPO override conflicting settings when the domain-wide GPO is applied.

  4. Precedence depends on which GPO was updated first.

Answer: B

Question No: 184

Which of the following is a required component for successful 802.lx network authentication?

  1. Supplicant

  2. 3rd-party Certificate Authority

  3. Ticket Granting Server (TGS)

  4. IPSec

Answer: A

Question No: 185

When are Group Policy Objects (GPOs) NOT applied automatically to workstations?

  1. At 90-minute intervals

  2. At logon

  3. Every time Windows Explorer is launched

  4. At boot-up

Answer: C

Question No: 186

What database can provide contact information for Internet domains?

  1. dig

  2. who

  3. who is

  4. ns look up

Answer: C

Question No: 187

Included below is the output from a resource kit utility run against local host.

Ensurepass 2017 PDF and VCE

Which command could have produced this output?

  1. Schtasks

  2. Task kill

  3. SC

  4. Task list

Answer: D

Question No: 188

What does the quot;xquot; character in the second field of the user account record of the

/etc/passwd file indicate?

  1. The user account is using a shadow password.

  2. The user account is shared by more than one user.

  3. The user account is disabled.

  4. The user account does not exist.

Answer: A

Question No: 189

Which of the following is an advantage of private circuits versus VPNs?

  1. Flexibility

  2. Performance guarantees

  3. Cost

  4. Time required to implement

Answer: B

Question No: 190

The Windows #39;tracert#39; begins by sending what type of packet to the destination host?

  1. A UDP packet with a TTL of 1

  2. An ICMP Echo Request

  3. An ICMP Router Discovery

  4. An ICMP Echo Reply

Answer: A

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