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Question No: 161

Which of the following protocols implements VPN using IPSec?

  1. SLIP

  2. PPP

  3. L2TP

  4. PPTP

Answer: C

Question No: 162

What type of malware is a self-contained program that has the ability to copy itself without parasitically infecting other host code?

  1. Trojans

  2. Boot infectors

  3. Viruses

  4. Worms

Answer: D

Question No: 163

You have reason to believe someone with a domain user account has been accessing and modifying sensitive spreadsheets on one of your application servers. You decide to enable auditing for the files to see who is accessing and changing them. You enable the Audit Object Access policy on the files via Group Policy. Two weeks later, when you check on the audit logs, you see they are empty. What is the most likely reason this has happened?

  1. You cannot enable auditing on files, just folders

  2. You did not enable auditing on the files

  3. The person modifying the files turned off auditing

  4. You did not save the change to the policy

Answer: B

Question No: 164

Which of the following Unix syslog message priorities is the MOST severe?

  1. err

  2. emerg

  3. crit

  4. alert

Answer: B

Question No: 165

Which of the following radio frequencies is used by the IEEE 802.11a wireless network?

  1. 3.7 GHz

  2. 7.0 GHz

  3. 2.4 GHz

  4. 5.0 GHz

Answer: D

Question No: 166

Which of the following hardware devices prevents broadcasts from crossing over subnets?

  1. Bridge

  2. Hub

  3. Router

  4. Modem

Answer: C

Question No: 167

IPS devices that are classified as quot;In-line NIDSquot; devices use a combination of anomaly analysis, signature-based rules, and what else to identify malicious events on the network?

  1. Firewall compatibility rules

  2. Application analysis

  3. ICMP and UDP active scanning

  4. MAC address filtering

Answer: B

Question No: 168

You are responsible for a Microsoft based network. Your servers are all clustered. Which of the following are the likely reasons for the clustering?

Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

  1. Reduce power consumption

  2. Ease of maintenance

  3. Load balancing

  4. Failover

Answer: C,D

Question No: 169

How often is session information sent to the web server from the browser once the session information has been established?

  1. With any change in session data

  2. With every subsequent request

  3. With any hidden form element data

  4. With the initial request to register the session

Answer: A

Question No: 170

In addition to securing the operating system of production honey pot hosts, what is recommended to prevent the honey pots from assuming the identities of production systems that could result in the denial of service for legitimate users?

  1. Deploy the honey pot hosts as physically close as possible to production systems.

  2. Deploy the honey pot hosts in an unused part of your address space.

  3. Deploy the honey pot hosts to only respond to attacks.

  4. Deploy the honey pot hosts on used address space.

Answer: B

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