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Question No: 101

What is the term for a game in which for every win there must be an equivalent loss?

  1. Asymmetric

  2. Untenable

  3. Zero-sum

  4. Gain-oriented

Answer: C

Question No: 102

Which of the following is a name, symbol, or slogan with which a product is identified?

  1. Copyright

  2. Trademark

  3. Trade secret

  4. Patent

Answer: B

Question No: 103

Which of the following is NOT typically used to mitigate the war dialing threat?

  1. Setting up monitored modems on special phone numbers

  2. Setting modems to auto-answer mode

  3. Proactively scanning your own phone numbers

  4. Monitoring call logs at the switch

Answer: B

Question No: 104

Which of the following is a backup strategy?

  1. Differential

  2. Integrational

  3. Recursive

  4. Supplemental

Answer: A

Question No: 105

What is the command-line tool for Windows XP and later that allows administrators the ability to get or set configuration data for a very wide variety of computer and user account settings?




  4. C0NF1G.EXE

Answer: C

Question No: 106

Which of the following is a type of countermeasure that can be deployed to ensure that a threat vector does not meet a vulnerability?

  1. Prevention controls

  2. Detection controls

  3. Monitoring controls

  4. Subversive controls

Answer: A

Question No: 107

What is the name of the Windows XP/2003 tool that you can use to schedule commands to be executed on remote systems during off-peak hours?





Answer: A

Question No: 108

On which of the following OSI model layers does IPSec operate?

  1. Physical layer

  2. Network layer

  3. Data-link layer

  4. Session layer

Answer: B

Question No: 109

Which of the following is a Layer 3 device that will typically drop directed broadcast traffic?

  1. Hubs

  2. Bridges

  3. Routers

  4. Switches

    Answer: C

    Question No: 110

    During a scheduled evacuation training session the following events took place in this order:

    1. Evacuation process began by triggering the building fire alarm.

2a. The meeting point leader arrived first at the designated meeting point and immediately began making note of who was and was not accounted for.

2b. Stairwell and door monitors made it to their designated position to leave behind a box of flashlights and prop the stairway doors open with a garbage can so employees can find exits and dispose of food and beverages.

2c. Special needs assistants performed their assigned responsibility to help employees out that require special assistance.

  1. The safety warden communicated with the meeting point leader via walkie talkie to collect a list of missing personnel and communicated this information back to the searchers.

  2. Searchers began checking each room and placing stick-it notes on the bottom of searched doors to designate which areas were cleared.

  3. All special need assistants and their designated wards exited the building.

  4. Searchers complete their assigned search pattern and exit with the Stairwell/door monitors.

    Given this sequence of events, which role is in violation of its expected evacuation tasks?

    1. Safety warden

    2. Stairwell and door monitors

    3. Meeting point leader

    4. Searchers

    5. Special needs assistants

Answer: B

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