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What are two benefits of using NAT? (Choose two.)


A.      NAT facilitates end-to-end communication when IPsec is enabled.

B.      NAT eliminates the need to re-address all hosts that require external access.

C.      NAT conserves addresses through host MAC-level multiplexing.

D.      Dynamic NAT facilitates connections from the outside of the network.

E.       NAT accelerates the routing process because no modifications are made on the packets.

F.       NAT protects network security because private networks are not advertised.


Correct Answer: BF




On which options are standard access lists based?


A.      destination address and wildcard mask

B.      destination address and subnet mask

C.      source address and subnet mask

D.      source address and wildcard mask


Correct Answer: D




A network engineer wants to allow a temporary entry for a remote user with a specific username and password so that the user can access the entire network over the Internet. Which ACL can be used?


A.      standard

B.      extended

C.      dynamic

D.      reflexive


Correct Answer: C




How does a DHCP server dynamically assign IP addresses to hosts?


A.      Addresses are permanently assigned so that the host uses the same address at all times.

B.      Addresses are assigned for a fixed period of time. At the end of the period, a new request for an address must be made, and another address is then assigned.

C.      Addresses are leased to hosts. A host will usually keep the same address by periodically contacting the DHCP server to renew the lease.

D.      Addresses are allocated after a negotiation between the server and the host to determine the length of the agreement.


Correct Answer: C







Refer to the exhibit. Which rule does the DHCP server use when there is an IP address conflict?




A.      The address is removed from the pool until the conflict is resolved.

B.      The address remains in the pool until the conflict is resolved.

C.      Only the IP detected by Gratuitous ARP is removed from the pool.

D.      Only the IP detected by Ping is removed from the pool.

E.       The IP will be shown, even after the conflict is resolved.


Correct Answer: A




Refer to the exhibit. The Bigtime router is unable to authenticate to the Littletime router. What is the cause of the problem?




A.      The usernames are incorrectly configured on the two routers.

B.      The passwords do not match on the two routers.

C.      CHAP authentication cannot be used on a serial interface.

D.      The routers cannot be connected from interface S0/0 to interface S0/0.

E.       With CHAP authentication, one router must authenticate to another router. The routers cannot be configured to authenticate to each other.


Correct Answer: B






Which two tasks does the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol perform? (Choose two.)


A.      Set the IP gateway to be used by the network.

B.      Perform host discovery used DHCPDISCOVER message.

C.      Configure IP address parameters from DHCP server to a host.

D.      Provide an easy management of layer 3 devices.

E.       Monitor IP performance using the DHCP server.

F.       Assign and renew IP address from the default pool.


Correct Answer: CF




When a DHCP server is configured, which two IP addresses should never be assignable to hosts?

(Choose two.)


A.      network or subnetwork IP address

B.      broadcast address on the network

C.      IP address leased to the LAN

D.      IP address used by the interfaces

E.       manually assigned address to the clients

F.       designated IP address to the DHCP server


Correct Answer: AB




Which two statements about static NAT translations are true? (Choose two.)


A.      They allow connections to be initiated from the outside.

B.      They require no inside or outside interface markings because addresses are statically defined.

C.      They are always present in the NAT table.

D.      They can be configured with access lists, to allow two or more connections to be initiated from the outside.


Correct Answer: AC








A network administrator needs to configure port security on a switch. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


A.      The network administrator can apply port security to dynamic access ports.

B.      The network administrator can apply port security to EtherChannels.

C.      When dynamic MAC address learning is enabled on an interface, the switch can learn new addresses, up to the maximum defined.

D.      The sticky learning feature allows the addition of dynamically learned addresses to the running configuration.

E.       The network administrator can configure static secure or sticky secure MAC addresses in the voice VLAN.


Correct Answer: CD

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