Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 8.0


As your needs evolve, Cisco Unified Communications Manager continues to evolve to meet those needs. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 8.0 aims to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for organizations and improve the communications experience for end users as well as system administrators. Some of the important features of the recent release follow:

• Cisco Intercompany Media Engine (IME): Cisco Intercompany Media Engine allows intercompany, boundary-less communications among business partners and customers. It allows enterprise video telephony and high-fidelity wideband audio between companies. It is easy to use because it self-learns IP routes to business partners. When making Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) calls to business partners, you have the same experinece as you do within your own company. It enables sharing of innovative collaboration capabilities and applications between partners. Cisco Intercompany Media Engine is a new Cisco Voice Application and is installed in a separate server from Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Cisco Unified Communications Manager works with the Cisco Intercompany Media Engine and the adaptive security appliance (ASA) to provide business-to-business connectivity.

• Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition: Cisco Unified Communications Manager added Session Management support in Verion 7.1(3). Cisco Unified Communications Session Management Edition support is continued and enhanced in Version 8.0 with features such as Cisco Intercompany Media Engine and Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP). Cisco Unfied Communications Manager Session Management Edition allows for centralized SIP trunking and routing to help simplify complex networks and reduce costs by consolodating trunking. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition can also aggregrate voice applications and policy control.

• Cisco Service Advertisement Framework – Call Control Discovery: This network-based, scalable, bandwidth-efficient, real-time approach to service advertisement and discovery allows Cisco Unified Communications Manager to advertise directory number ranges that it owns and discover and dynamically create routes for other Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters. It greatly reduces dial-plan configuration for complex unified communications deployments.

• Cisco Unified IP Phones 6900, 8900, and 9900 model phone support: Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.1(3) and 8.0 and later support the Cisco Unified IP Phones 8900 and 9900 Series models. Version 8.0 adds support for the universal-serial-bus (USB) video camera and Cisco Unified IP Phone 6901 and 6911 models.

• Extension Mobility Cross Cluster (EMCC): Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.0 adds support for EMCC, which allows you to cross cluster boundaries but still log into your Extension Mobilty profile. EMCC is designed so that you get nearly the same experience whether or not you are in your home cluster.

• RSVP SIP preconditions: Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.0 enhances RSVP to allow calls that cross cluster boundaries or terminate in other call control clusters to be able to use RSVP agents to provide end-to-end dynamic Call Admission Control (CAC) even for calls to phones outside the cluster.

• Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) support: Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.0(2) can run on VMware on Cisco UCS B200 M1 and UCS C210 M1 servers. This setup reduces server count and lets enterprises deploy Cisco Unified Communications Manager in a data center on a platform that reduces server operating costs.

• Analysis Manager: Analysis Manager is a feature of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT) that allows RTMT to provide solution-level diagnostic features for other Cisco Unified Communications applications, including Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, Cisco IOS® Gateway devices and Cisco IOS Access Control System (ACS), Cisco Unified Expert Advisor, and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise.


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