Cisco Networking Academy – Packet Tracer trivia game


image Last night, I saw a person introduce the game in the forum. It looks very interesting;)

Yes, of course you do! Thanks to the powerful visual simulation provided by , learning the fundamentals of how the Internet works is so much easier. provides students with the ability to experience and explore the network without leaving their own desktop.

We have designed this trivia game to engage participants in a short series of questions about the basic functions of the network, using Packet Tracer animations to illustrate the correct answers. The trivia game interface makes it fun while also providing a mechanism for communicating some key benefits of simulation software-enabled learning.

Packet Tracer is just one example of how Cisco Networking Academy is innovating learning for the 21st Century. We invite you to take a few minutes to play the trivia game now and then take a short survey to collect a special bonus prize. Also, visit the following links to learn more about Networking Academy.

We hope you will find this a useful tool to spark the interest of not only current and prospective students, but also others who might be interested in Networking Academy more broadly. It can serve as an example of the innovative learning tools and techniques employed by Networking Academy, and a demonstration of how Packet Tracer provides opportunities for 21st century learning:

    * Students who explore and experiment using Packet Tracer develop intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills.
    * Packet Tracer’s visually rich simulation environment facilitates comprehension of complex technology concepts.
    * Students who troubleshoot networks using Packet Tracer develop problem solving skills.
    * Students who design and build virtual networks using Packet Tracer improve their innovation and creativity skills.
    * Students who explore concepts at their own pace in Packet Tracer’s safe, virtual environment gain confidence in their decision making skills and abilities.
    * Using Packet Tracer for team collaboration and competition activities builds social, communication, and negotiation skills.

Now you can play the Packet Tracer trivia game, hoho~

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