Cisco Network Magic Pro 5.5.9118.2 (Latest Version) with crack


Having trouble connecting your devices together and to the Internet or printing from any computer?

With Pro 5.5, you can skip the tech support phone calls, online forums and expensive on-site consultants. Pro provides do-it-yourself tools to help you set up, manage and secure your network like an IT professional.

With point-and-click ease, you can:

  • Connect your devices together in minutes
  • Share Internet connections, printers and files
  • Protect your network with enhanced WPA security capabilities and status alerts
  • Repair your network and Internet connections to stay online and productive
  • Control access to the Internet and track online activity with remote desktop screenshots

Step 1: Download the Network Magic Pro


Step 2: Install and the Network Magic Pro

1. Double click nmsetup.exe ant wait until everything being installed. (Only you have to give the folder path to installation)

2. After the installation there will be a dialog box to enable advance functions, to detect the router, bl bla bla… just CLOSE the window. Don’t enable trial version or dnt do anything……

3. After closing the window, there will be a small green/yellow color icon on the system tray. Right click it and choose “Exit Network Magic” (This is the nmapp.exe service in Task Manager)

4. Go to task manager and stop nmsrvc.exe, Right click -> End process tree

5. Then double click Patch.exe and click Patch button. There will be an error msg “Can not find the file. Serch the file?“…. Click “Yes

6. Then follow this path C:\ Program Files -> Pure Networks -> Network Magic-> nmapp.exe and click on the nmapp.exe and click “Open” (This path can be different if u have change the setup folder during the installation)

7. The there will be a msg in the patch program *PATCHING DONE*

8. Close patch program and start using Network magic pro latest version.



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