Cisco IOU CCIE v4 TS 1&2 Rack LiveCD v2.0


Continuing the theme of .

Craftsmen create a more comfortable things for us, who is studying Cisco technologies and prepare for CCIE.
A few days ago, the site, a second version of the LiveCD, which revolves IOU with multiple routers.
This version is aimed at TroubleShooting, scenarios are large enough for about 30 routers.

LiveCD is very easy to use. I used a virtual machine VmWare, a machine, specify an image, specify the parameters for the VM (the author recommends at least 3000 MB of RAM) running.

TS1 Scenario:


TS2 Scenario:


Once launched, you will be informed that the LiveCD represents the two scenarios that you can use.
Once you have moved into the console, you can assign the IP address of the interface (to connect to the VM from a real operating system, and work with routers).
After actually need to download the first or second scenario.
To do this, go to the correct directory TS1 or TS2, and the NT one (for TS1) or two (for TS2).

Download | Size: 59.80 MB

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