Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE R&S – Lesson IPv6

NetMasterClass now offers training in a Video on Demand format. is the second in a series of VODs that will comprise the CCIE Class-on-Demand.

This self-paced Lesson Module provides a set of three complementary learning resources:
* Seven hours of video on demand instruction on IPv6
* Supplementary “Spot-the-Issues” soft assessment quizzes
* Four hands-on labs focused on the subject of configuring IPv6.

Seven Hours of Video on Demand modules divided into four blocks Each VoD is approximately 15-30 minutes in length. For each block, a set of supporting “Spot the Issues” Soft Assessment Quizzes are provided. Four Hands-on Technology Focused Practice Labs dedicated to the subject of the IPv6 is covered in this Lesson Module.


Target Audience
This self-paced Lesson Module is for technical professionals who need to master CCIE level problems involving IPv6 that involve:
* Configuring IPv6 over Link Layer Technologies
* Configuring IPv6 Unicast Routing
* Deploying IPv4 to IPv6 Migration Methods

Lesson Module Objectives
Upon completion of this self-paced Lesson Module, you should be able to formulate well defined mental simulations to perform the following IPv6 tasks with the customary minimally described parameters commonly found in CCIE Level tasks. Upon completing these lessons, you will be able to:
* Configure IPv6 over a range of Link Layer Technologies
* Configure IPv6 Unicast Routing Protocols such as RIPng and OPSFv3
* Configure IPv6 Route Redistribution
* Configure IPv6 over IPv4 Tunnels
* Configure IPv4/IPv6 NAT PT

Lesson Module Prerequisites
Following are the prerequisites for using this Lesson Module
A CCNP level of understanding IPv6 as well as:
* The ability to perform the operational basics of implementing IPv6
* A basic undertanding of the IPv6 address format.

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