Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Lab Workbook

The CCIE Routing and Switching (R&S) Exercise Workbook contains 35 challenging scenarios at the CCIE level that can be used for rigorous self-paced practice.

Each lab provides an extensive answer key. Mentor Guide support. And verification tables and is designed to maximize the learning experience by providing practical experience. Learners may want to discuss a specific Exercise Workbook scenario. So each lab is assigned an online discussion forum where the learner can discuss the lab with others. Also, Exercise Workbook scenarios are linked to self-paced learning resources such as the Cisco 360 R&S Reference Library and Cisco 360 CCIE R&S lessons.

Lab01 | Lab02 | Lab03 | Lab04 | Lab05 | Lab06 | Lab07 | Lab08 | Lab09 | Lab10 | Lab11 | Lab12 | Lab13 | Lab14 | Lab15 | Lab16 | Lab17 | Lab18 | Lab19 | Lab20 | Lab21 | Lab22 | Lab23 | Lab24 | Lab25 | Lab26 | Lab27 | Lab28 | Lab29 | Lab30 | Lab31 | Lab32 | Lab33 | Lab34 | Lab35


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