CCVP-CIPT2 642-456-Update(April-2009) New Questions


Q1.Rank the steps for configuring

A. Configure AAR service parameters.

B. Configure phones for AAR

C. Configure partitions and CSSs.

D. Configure AAR groups.

Correct Answer: DACB


Q2. Match each message with the correct characteristic:

1. Path message.

2. Reservation-request error message.

3. Teardown message.

4. Reservation-request message.

(I) Travels toward the receiver and is routed hop by hop using the reservation state.

(II) Removes the path and reservation state without waiting for the cleanup timeout period.

(III) Follows in the reverse direction to data packets all the way to the sender hosts.

(IV) Stores path state in each node.

A. (I)-2 ;( II)-1 ;( III)-3 ;( IV)-4

B. (I)-2 ;( II)-3 ;( III)-4 ;( IV)-1

C. (I)-3 ;( II)-4 ;( III)-1 ;( IV)-2

D. (I)-3 ;( II)-2 ;( III)-1 ;( IV)-4

Correct Answer: B


Q3.Suppose an H.323 gatekeeper is configured for CAC There are two zones. ClusterA and ClusterB and four command.

Bandwidth interzone default 64

Bandwidth interzone zone ClusterB 32

Bandwidth session default 128

Bandwidth total zone ClusterB 304

Which call scenarios will not result in denied calls?

A. Tree G.729 calls between ClusterA and ClusterB

B. One G.729 call between ClusterA and Cluster,two G.711 calls and four G.729 calls within ClusterB.

C. Two G.729 calls between ClusterA and ClusterB and five G.711 calls within clusterA

D. Four G.729 calls within ClusterA and G.711 call between ClusterA and ClusterB

Correct Answer: C


Q4.Your boss is travelling from USA to Europe and he wants to use the phone settings from the remote site , what does he need to have ?

A. Same DMG as his home DMG

B. Different DMG as his home DMG

C. Same physical location

D. Different physical location

Correct Answer : B


Q5. What encryption protocol does use ?

A. IPSec



D. CUSE ( something strange )

Correct Answer : C


Q6. What do you need for CTL client ?

A. Tokens

B. Cisco Unified CallManager

C. TFTP service

D. CTL provider

Correct answer : A


Q7. when can you use AAR ?

A. Decentralized

B. Centralized

C. Centralized using CTI

D. From a remote router in SRST mode

E. From a user laptop in a different DMG than his home DMG

Answer : B


Q8. Which of the following can function as a media termination point?

A. Hardware transcoder

B. Music on hold server

C. Software conference bridge

D. Hardware conference bridge

E. DTMF relay

Answer: A


Q9. Which service encrypts TFTP images ?

A. Cisco TFTP

B. Cisco Callmanager

C. Cisco Messaging Interface

D. Cisco CTI Manager

E. Cisco CTL Provider

Answer : E


Q10.Which mode requires used intervention ?

A. Authentication String

B. Null String

C. Existing Certificate (Precedence to LSC)

D. Existing Certificate (Precedence to MIC)

E. CAPF never requires user intervention

Correct Answer : A


Q11. which commands to troubleshoot a POTS dial-peer that doesn’t work ?

A. show ccm-manager

B. show ccm-manager backhaul

C. show dial-peer voice summary

D. show gatekeeper endpoints

E. show voice port 1/0

F. show dial-peer voice 1 pots

G. show controllers T1 1/0

Answer : A, C, E


Q12. You need to configure Cisco Unified Mobility. Choose 6 steps

Order is not important ( just choose 6 in any order ) :

– (1) enable mobility for the phone

– (2) add the mobility service under IP phone services

– (3) configure mobile voice access under media resources

– (4) activate the required services

– (5) configure the cisco IOS gateway

– (6) add the mobility softkey to the phone

– (7) configure remote destination profiles

– (8) enable mobility for the user

– (9) configure remote destination CSS

Answer : (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

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