CCSP SNRS – Lab6 Authentication Proxy


Lab Topology

Lab Object

Technical characteristics:

1. Similar to PIX cutthrough technology, Auth-proxy can authenticate and authorize the traffic passing through the router.

2. Auth-proxy working process

When a user initializes http session crossing a router, auth-proxy will be triggered. Then it is required to input the user name and the password. After the success of the authentication, the user can obtain an authorized profile form the AAA server.

proxy uses this profile to establish dynamic access list items and add them into the access list of the interface.

Lab Process

GW(config)#aaa new-model

GW(config)#aaa authentication login noau line none

GW(config)#line con 0

GW(config-line)#login authen noau

GW(config)#line aux 0

GW(config-line)# login authen noau

GW(config)#line vty 0 4

GW(config-line)# login authen noau

GW(config)#tacas-server host

GW#test aaa group tacacs+ auth.proxy cisco new-code

GW(config)#aaa authentication login default group tacacs+

GW(config)#aaa authorization auth-proxy default group tacacs+

GW(config)#ip http server

GW(config)#ip http authentication aaa

GW(config)#ip http access-class 1

GW(config)#access-list 1 deny any

GW(config)#ip access-list ex ACLIN

GW(config-ext-nacl)#permit tcp host eq tacacs host

GW(config)#ip auth-proxy name AUTH http

GW(config)#inter e0/0

GW(config-if)#ip access-group ACLIN in

GW(config-if)#ip auth-proxy AUTH

OUT(config)#username cisco privilege 15 password cisco

OUT(config)#ip http server

OUT(config)#ip http authentication local

Configure authentication and authorization on the AAA server.

1. Click TACACS+ (Cisco) under the Interface Configuration mode.

2. Establish a new service name: auth-proxy

3. Authenticate in user or group mode:

4. Tick the established auth-proxy and write as follows:


proxyacl#1=permit tcp any any

proxyacl#2=permit udp any any

The privilege level must be set to 15 for all users.

5. Proxyacl is the list to be dynamically created after authorization.

Only use the permit sentence:

The source address must be any.

6. Test:

When accessing on the AAA server, it is required to input the user name and the password on the gateway router. After the success of the authentication, the user can access the out routers.

Use the following commands to check auth-proxy on the gateway router.

show ip access-lists

show ip auth-proxy configuration

show ip auth-proxy cache

clear ip auth-proxy cache {* | host ip address}   [k1]

[k1]Clear cache

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