CCSP SNRS Lab4 – Port to Application Mapping & URL Filtering


Lab Topology

Lab Process

Continue Lab3 to configure

1. URLFiltering:

GW(config)#ip inspect name CBAC http java-list 2 urlfilter

GW(config)#ip urlfilter audit-trail

GW(config)#ip urlfilter server vendor websense

2. There are two types of vendors: websense and N2H2

GW(config)#ip urlfilter exclusive-domain permit

GW(config)#ip urlfilter exclusive-domain deny

3. Entering these sites will be permitted or denied without requiring filter server.

GW(config)# ip urlfilter allow-mode on

4. When the router can’t be connected to the filer server, all http requests will be permitted, the default is off with prohibiting.

GW(config)#ip urlfilter cache 4000 [k1]

GW(config)#ip urlfilter max-resp-pak 150 [k2]

GW(config)#ip urlfilter max-request 500 [k3]

GW(config)#show ip urlfilter cache

GW(config)#show ip urlfilter config

GW(config)#show ip urlfilter statistics

5. PAM:

GW(config)#ip port-map http port 8080

GW(config)#ip port-map ftp port 2121 list 5

GW(config)#access-list 5 permit

GW(config)#access-list 10 permit

GW(config)#access-list 11 permit

GW(config)#ip port-map ftp port 80 list 10

GW(config)#ip port-map https port 80 list 11

[k1]The default is 5000.

[k2]The default is 150.

[k3]The default is 1000.

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