CCNP BCMSN Notes – VLANs and Trunks


The normal range allows for VLANs 1 -1005; IEEE 802.1Q expands this to 1 – 4095.

VTP version 1 and 2 only support VLANs 1 – 1005. VTPv3 will support extended VLANs but isn’t available yet.

Dynamic VLANs can be configured by a Membership Policy Server (VMPS).


     Inter-Switch Link (ISL) – Cisco proprietary; 26-byte header

     IEEE 802.1Q – Open standard; 4-byte header

IEEE 802.3ac extends the Ethernet MTU to 1522 to account for the 4-byte 802.1Q header.

Trunk configuration:


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