CCNP BCMSN Notes – VLAN Trunking Protocol


VTP modes:

     Client – Rely on information advertised by a server; no local configuration possible

     Server – Have full control over VLAN creation and modification for the VTP domain

     Transparent – Does not participate in VTP but will forward advertisements

VTP advertisements:

     Summary – Sent every 300 seconds or whenever a change occurs

     Subset – Sent after a summary advertisement when a change occurs; these provide more detail to reflect the change that was made

     Advertisement Request – Issued by clients to request VLAN information

     Pruning Request – Sent from clients to servers to announce active VLANs; inactive VLANs may be pruned from the trunk

VTP configuration:


     Switch(config)# vtp mode {server | client | transparent}

     Switch(config)# vtp version {1 | 2}

     Switch(config)# vtp domain <domain>

     Switch(config)# vtp password <password>


VTP pruning can be enabled with vtp pruning.


    show vtp status

    show vtp counters

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