CCNP 642-832 TSHOOT Ticket 8 – Switchport VLAN 10


In this post  CCNP 642-832 TSHOOT TROUBLE TICKETS (TT) Questions, i have introduced the trouble tickets questions of 642-832 exam.

And you can reading it carefully, any questions then contact me.

Also, i have uploaded the topology.  Lab-Sim Topology.pdf

Client 1 & 2 are getting 169.x.x.x ip addresses and can’t ping DSW1 or FTP Server but they are able to ping each other.

Situation: in port channel configuration of ASW1 vlan 10 is not allowed. (Use L2 Diagram)
Configuration of ASW1
interface FastEthernet1/0/1
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 1
interface FastEthernet1/0/2
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 1

On ASW1, on interfaces fa0/1, fa0/2 switchport access vlan 1

Answer: on ASW1 change switchport access vlan 1 to switchport access vlan 10

Ans3)give command: interface range fa1/0/1-/2 & switchport access vlan 10

Situation: Clients are unable to ping DSW1, because their access ports aren’t configured for VLAN 10 on ASW1 (both ports are in the default VLAN1).

1- Clinets are getting 169.x.x.x Ip address.
2- Clinet 1 can ping Client 2 and vice versa.
3- ‘sh running-config’ command will not display ‘switchport access vlan 10′ under the interfaces fa1/0/1 and fa1/0/2 .

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