CCNP 642-832 TSHOOT Ticket 6 – VLAN filter


In this post  CCNP 642-832 TSHOOT TROUBLE TICKETS (TT) Questions, i have introduced the trouble tickets questions of 642-832 exam.

And you can reading it carefully, any questions then contact me.

Also, i have uploaded the topology.  Lab-Sim Topology.pdf

Solution Guide:

Client 1 is getting the correct IP address from DHCP but Client 1 is not able to ping the server. Unable to ping DSW1 or the FTP Server(Use L2 Diagram).

Vlan Access map is applied on DSW1 blocking the ip address of client
Configuration on DSW1
vlan access-map test1 10
match ip address 10
vlan filter test1 vlan-list 10
ip access-list standard 10
interface VLAN10
ip address

Ans1) DSW1
Ans2) Vlan access map
Ans3)Remove vlan filter test1 from DSW1

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