CCNP 642-825-Update(Apr-2009) New Questions


1. Refer to the exhibit. Routers RTB and -RTC have established LDP neighbor sessions. During troubleshooting, you discovered that labels are being distributed between the two routers but no label swapping information is in the LFIB. What is the most likely cause of this problem?


A. The IGP is summarizing the address space.B. IP Cisco Express Forwarding has not been enabled on both RTB and RTC.

C. BGP neighbor sessions have not been configured on both routers.

D. LDP has been enabled on one router and TDP has been enabled on the other.

Answer: B

2. Which two statements are true about the Cisco Classic (CBAC) IOS Firewall set? (Choose two.)

A. It can be used to block bulk encryption attacks.

B. It can be used to protect against denial of service attacks.

C. Traffic originating from the router is considered trusted, so it is not inspected.

D. Based upon the custom firewall rules, an ACL entry is statically created and added to the existing ACL permanently.

E. Temporary ACL entries that allow selected traffic to pass are created and persist for the duration of the communication session.

Answer: BE

3. What are two possible actions Cisco IOS IPS can take if a packet in a session matches a signature? (Choose two.)

A. drop the packet

B. forward the packet

C. quartile the packet

D. reset the connection

E. check the packet against an ACL

Answer: AD

4. Which two of these would be classified as reconnaissance attacks? (Choose two.)

A. port scans

B. ping sweeps

C. port redirection

D. trust exploitation

E. denial of service attacks

F. man-in-the-middle attacks

Answer: AB



Answer: Control Plane: Exchanges labels between peer devices.,

Compiles a list of all labels advertised and received.,

Exchange routing updates between neighboring devices. …..

Data Plane: Performs label swapping.,

Performs packet forwarding.,

Builds a mapping of destination networks to active labels.

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