CCNA(640-802) WLAN Analysis


or Wireless Local Area Network is a set of standards for creating a Local Network using radios to communicate. A Wireless LAN can be thought of like a shared segment of network cable. Instead of the network card encoding the data into electrical signals on the wire, the wireless network card uses a radio to encode the data onto radio waves which it broadcasts.

Next, we will analyse some questions in the 640-802 exam.

1. A single 802.11g access point has been configured and installed in the center of a square shaped Pass4sure office. A few wireless Pass4sure users are experiencing slow performance and drops while most users are operating at peak efficiency. From the list below, what are three likely causes of this problem? (Choose three)

A:mismatched TKIP encryption


C:cordless phones

D:mismatched SSID

E:metal file cabinets

F:antenna type or direction

Correct Answers: C, E, F

Cordless phones also work on RF so they conflict with WLAN RF and reduce the performance.
metal file cabinets also act as obstacles for Radio waves in WLAN results in performane loss.
Antenna adds power gain for radio waves if Antenna selected is not correct type or direction is not exact then performance will effect.

2. Refer to the exhibit. What two facts can be determined from the WLAN diagram? (Choose two.)


A:Access points in each cell must be configured to use channel 1.

B:The network diagram represents an extended service set ().

C:The area of overlap of the two cells represents a basic service set (BSS).

D:The area of overlap must be less than 10% of the area to ensure connectivity.

E:The two APs should be configured to operate on different channels.

Correct Answers: B, E

The Extended Service Set (ESS) uses multiple APs with overlapping microcells to cover all clients. Microcells should overlap by 10–15 percent for data, and 15–20 percent for voice traffic. Each AP should use a different channel.

3. 802.1b is being utilized in the Pass4sure wireless network. Which spread spectrum technology does the 802.1b standard define for operation in this network?






Correct Answers: B

802.11b is a widely adopted standard that operates in the 2.4 GHz range and uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS).

4. A new Pass4sure is using an IEEE 802.11b a wireless LAN. What is the maximum data rate specified for this WLAN?

A: 1000 Mbps

B: 11 Mbps

C: 16 Mbps

D: 100 Mbps

E: 10 mbps

Correct Answers: B

802.11b supports four data rates: 1, 2, 5.5, and 11 Mbps.

5. In an effort to increase security within the Pass4sure wireless network, is being utilized. Which two statements shown below best describe the wireless security standard that is defined by ? (Choose two)

A:It requires use of an open authentication method.

B:It specifies use of a static encryption key that must be changed frequently to enhance security.

C:It specifies the use of dynamic encryption keys that change each time a client establishes a connection.

D:It requires that all access points and wireless devices use the same encryption key.

E:It includes authentication by PSK.

Correct Answers: C, E

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a Wi-Fi Alliance standard.
Uses Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) for encryption, dynamic keys, and 802.1x user authentication.
WPA-PSK (Pre shared Key) is a special mode of WPA for home users without an enterprise authentication server and provides the same strong encryption protection.

6. You need to add a wireless access point to a new Pass4sure office. Which additional configuration step is necessary in order to connect to an access point that has SSID broadcasting disabled?

A: Set the SSID in the client software to public.

B: Configure MAC address filtering to permit the client to connect to the AP.

C: Set the SSID value on the client to the SSID configured on the AP.

D: Configure open authentication on the AP and the client.

Correct Answers: C

Since access point has SSID broadcasting disabled here we need to manually configure client the same SSID value configured on AP so that client can associate with the AP.

7. Two Pass4sure workers have established wireless communication directly between their wireless laptops. What type of wireless topology has been created by these Pass4sure employees?





Correct Answers: C

Ad-hoc mode or Independent Basic Service Set [IBSS] is simply a group of computers talking wirelessly to each other with no access point (AP).

8. You work as a network technician for Pass4sure and are responsible for this network. And you have chosen WPA over in their wireless network. What is one reason why WPA encryption is preferred over in this network?

A: WPA key values remain the same until the client configuration is changed.

B: A WPA key is longer and requires more special characters than the WEP key.

C: The access point and the client are manually configured with different WPA key values.

D: The values of WPA keys can change dynamically while the system is used.

Correct Answers: D

WPA uses dynamic keys ; WEP uses static keys.

9. As the Pass4sure network administrator, you need to troubleshoot an interference issue with the Pass4sure wireless LAN. Which two devices can interfere with the operation of this network because they operate on similar frequencies? (choose two)

A:AM radio

B:microwave oven


D:cordless phone

Correct Answers: B, D

10. According to capabilities of WPA security, which encryption type does WPA2 use?




D: PPK via IV

Correct Answers: A

WPA 2 uses AES-CCMP encryption . AES-CCMP incorporates two sophisticated cryptographic techniques (counter mode and CBC-MAC) and adapts them to Ethernet frames to provide a robust security protocol between the mobile client and the access point.

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