CCNA Voice Bible (640-460) – Traditional Telephony


Question 1

What are two benefits of using an ITSP for long distance telephony services? (Choose two)

A. Connection to an ITSP is very granular and can provision from 1 to hundreds of simultaneous calls.
B. Connection to an ITSP is only available in full T1/E1/PRI circuit quantities.
C. The circuits are dedicated only to voice.
D. Connection to an ITSP is easier to configure because transcoders can seamlessly convert H.323 or SIP to SCCP.
E. Connection to an ITSP allows you to use the bandwidth that is guaranteed to the voice traffic for data when voice is not using the bandwidth.

Answer: A E

Question 2

Which three characteristics apply to ISDN PRI? (Choose three)

A. The D channel is 16 kbps
B. The D channel is 64 kbps
C. Can carry data, voice, or video
D. Cannot support call forwarding
E. Commonly used only in Europe
F. Can carry vendor-specific PBX features

Answer: B C F

Question 3

Refer to the exhibit.

Which identifies the amplitude of an analog signal stream?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. A & C
E. Voltage/Time
F. Voltage/Time x B/C

Answer: C

Question 4

Which type of voice port will terminate a loop start or ground start line from the PSTN or a PBX?

C. PRI T1/E1
D. E&M
F. CAS T1/E1

Answer: B

Question 5

What device is responsible for converting analog voice packets from traditional voice formats to IP packets?

A. MGCP gateway
B. H.323 gateway
C. Media Termination Point
D. Digital signal processor
E. Transcoder

Answer: D

Question 6

Which four types of high-density trunk can be used to connect to an ITSP? (Choose four)

A. T1/E1 CAS
C. T1/E1 PRI
D. E&M
F. H.323

Answer: A B C D

Question 7

What are three functions provided by a switching system in a traditional telephony network? (Choose three)

A. Call setup
B. Call supervision
C. Quality of service
D. Codec processing
E. Voice compression
F. Customer IDs and telephone numbers

Answer: A B F

Question 8

An analog telephone is connected to a ________ port on a router?

B. E1
C. T1

Answer: D

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