CCNA Voice (640-460) Lab Simulation – UC500


This task requires you to access the cisco Unified Communication 500 Series GUI to configure it per the given requirements as stated in the scenario.

From the choices on the left you may select Scenario, Cisco Unified Communication Server (CUC) Device, or Topology.

The Scenario link provides the details of the task to be accomplished. The Topology link displays the network. To get access to . click on the PC shown in the topology or you can click on the CUC Device button on the left.

You have been asked to implement an SBCA solution for a stratup company that has two technical support staff. The IP Phone use 4 digit extensions starting with 5001. Using the information in tables 1 and 2, configure the following:

1. Configure the AA & Voicemail features

2. Add the two IP Phones with extensions/user given in table 2 including Voicemail.

3. Configure Hunt Group so that all incoming PSTN calls always go to extension 5001. If extension 5001 is not available, route the call to extension 5002. If both extensions are busy or unavailable then send the call to Voicemail.


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